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Buy your favorite Great Lakes Growers Wheatgrass online with Instacart. Order Great Lakes Growers Wheatgrass from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about wheatgrass

Technically, yes, wheatgrass is gluten-free as it is removed from the plant before the seed, where gluten comes from, is created. Still, dietitians and doctors recommend avoiding wheatgrass anyway, for those with a gluten allergen or sensitivity, as there is a relatively high chance of cross-contamination between wheatgrass products and gluten.

If you have allergies, always let your Instacart shopper know in advance what products you cannot have. The shopper may notice that something you ordered would have a chance to trigger a reaction, and they can suggest alternatives live to you on the Instacart app!

Wheatgrass's main value to fitness lifestyles is that it can boost metabolism, which helps significantly with weight loss, building muscle, and recovery from physical strain or wounds. As a dark green grass, it has nearly no calories either, which helps add to its value as a metabolic booster.

Wheatgrass was originally used in Indian and Persian festivals and began to be used in Western foods in the 1930s, usually in the context of medicine. Today, it is part of many raw food diets, health-focused meal planning schedules, healthy smoothies, and full-body cleanses.