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The Instacart guide to trout steaks

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FAQs about trout steaks

You can expect a fairly plain, mild taste from trout. Trout tastes a bit nutty, but not too fishy. Once cooked, trout are flaky yet delicate. You can complement the mild flavor of this fish by brushing it with olive oil and then dusting it with a combination of your favorite fresh herbs. For example, seasonings like black pepper, parsley, garlic, and chopped chives work well with trout. You can further complement the trout's mild taste by serving it with slices of lemons or limes.

As with salmon, you can usually find trout available in a few different forms. You'll find trout sold as a whole fish, cut in fillets, and as steaks. The difference between trout fillets and steaks comes down to the cut. With trout fillets, the fish flesh is cut whole in order to separate it from the bone. You get trout steaks from cutting the fish cross-wise through the bone. If you already love salmon steaks, you'll definitely want to give their trout counterpart a try.

Trout and salmon are both common fish, and you can substitute one for the other in many recipes. Salmon has a richer, somewhat sweeter flavor than trout and a higher fat content, while trout is generally quite mild. If you're not sure which fish you want on a given day, you can also go with steelhead trout. Steelhead trout, sometimes called salmon-trout, can be easily confused with both salmon and rainbow trout. Steelhead trout tastes very similar to salmon, and you can use similar cooking techniques for either fish.

You can't go wrong with trout if you're looking for a healthy fish with a mild taste. Let Instacart simplify the experience when you're shopping for trout steaks. Order your trout steaks on Instacart today!