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The Instacart guide to Graciano red wine products 

Graciano red wine is made from the red grapes grown primarily in the region of Rioja, Spain. This particular grape is difficult to cultivate and is typically harvested in late October. These delicate grapes have a unique aroma and a dark red coloring. Graciano grapes age very well, creating a delectable wine that is beyond flavorful. With intense notes of mulberry and chocolate, the powerful flavor of this Spanish wine is a treat for the palate.

The name Graciano is said to be derived from the word “grace.” Despite being a notoriously difficult grape to grow, oftentimes with minimal yield, the Graciano grapes are among the most notable flavors in the world. It is often used as a blending grape and has contributed to some of Spain's most famous wines. It is known for its deep red, almost blood-tinged coloring, and its fruity, woody, and spicy aroma blend.

The structure of the Graciano grape, with hints of menthol and a good balance of acidity and tannin levels, makes it suitable to blend with Tempranillo in wines that will be set to age for a longer period. Though the grapes are difficult to grow, they are well worth the work for their contribution to the world of fine wines. In fact, many grape farmers have abandoned their vines due to them being prone to disease and low-yielding. However, international interest in using Graciano to blend with popular wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have reignited interest in this delicate grape.

This well-structured wine has a strong aroma yet is gentle on the palate. Because of its very intense and deep flavors, Graciano wine pairs beautifully with heavily spiced dishes like brisket, lamb, tri-tip, or grilled chorizo. It can also pair very nicely will other intense flavors like blue cheese or spicy dips and spreads.

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FAQs About Graciano

Though Graciano has a unique and unparalleled flavor all on its own, it blends well with other varieties because of its nearly-perfect levels of acidity and tannin. This allows it to add a solid structure to other blends, bringing out their own flavors even more intensely. The particular grape is also challenging to harvest, so when the yield is meager, it may be too difficult to produce Graciano wine. However, the strong aromas and flavors can still lend themselves to complimentary wines.

The Graciano grape itself has a strong mulberry aroma. The taste of the wine produced from the grapes includes intense berry and fruit flavors. Commonly aged in a red wine barrel — like most Spanish wines — Graciano also takes on a hint of vanilla and sweet spices. This unique wine also has undertones of nuts, mint, and wood. It's a flavor-rich wine with a unique and intense taste. When paired with a heavily spiced meal, more hints of woody and spicy flavors are brought out. The best way to enjoy the unique blend of flavors in this wine is to pair it with food strong enough to bring out the wine's tastiest notes.

Graciano grapes do grow in several other warm and arid climates, but the original fruit hails from Rioja. The optimal climate and the clay-limestone soil in the region make it the ideal spot for cultivating this very difficult grapevine. The grape has traditionally had a tough time ripening, even in Rioja. However, climate change has affected the weather, making it slightly more conducive to ripening this finicky grapevine. The origins of this grapevine are deeply rooted in Rioja.
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