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Eye Care Delivery or Pickup

Eye Care Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to eye care

Keeping your eyes healthy is important for clear vision. Whether you wear contact lenses or need solutions to help with eye-related concerns, you can find what you need when you shop using Instacart. You'll find a wide selection of products for your eyes, eyeglasses, and solutions for promoting eye health.

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Buy your favorite Eye Care online with Instacart. Order Eye Drops, Contact Cleaning Solution, Contact Lens Cases, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about eye care

Over-the-counter eye drops will treat minor eye ailments and discomforts. You can find different varieties that treat specific issues. Drops for dry eyes will lubricate and restore the moisture in your eyes. These are also known as artificial tears and provide short-term relief, and you might have to apply them a few times a day to stay comfortable. Eye drops for allergies have an antihistamine in them and will relieve the itchiness due to seasonal allergies. Decongestant eye drops treat redness due to lack of sleep, allergies, or stress. Redness is often caused when blood vessels in the eyes become engorged and make the white part of the eye redder than normal. 

Many adults who have had perfect vision their whole lives will need reading glasses sometime after they turn 40. The need for reading glasses is the result of changes in the lens inside the eye. You can use Instacart to find reading glasses when you notice you have difficulty focusing on small print. Nonprescription reading glasses come in a wide range of powers, starting from +0.75 to +3.00 diopters, so it's important to choose the right strength. 

If you need your reading glasses for using your computer, you can start with a lower power, but if you need them for reading something up close, you might need a stronger power. If two different powers seem similar, start with the lower power.

Dry eye can either be a chronic condition or something temporary. Temporary dry eye is often due to environmental issues such as wearing contacts for too long or living in a dry environment. Chronic dry eye is often the result of an underlying condition, but thankfully, both are treatable. 

Over-the-counter eye drops are one of the most common dry eye treatments. Artificial tears will moisten the eye and can be used several times a day. Ointments are also a solution for dry eye and coat your eyes better than drops, but they can cause cloudy vision. Because of this, ointments are better used right before you go to bed. 

You can also treat dry eye with supplements such as omega-3 and castor oil. Taking supplements or eating foods with omega-3 fatty acids can help by reducing inflammation in your body. Castor oil eye drops may keep your tears from evaporating, which can reduce dry eye.

Contact lens care is essential to your eye health. The type of lens care system you use is up to you and your eye care provider, but once you decide what you need, you can find it using Instacart. Some of the options that you might use include a multipurpose solution, which is an all-in-one system. The same solution is used to clean, rinse, disinfect, and store your soft contact lenses. Hydrogen peroxide-based systems can be used to clean, disinfect, and store lenses and are sometimes prescribed by an eye care provider if you have an allergy to one or more of the ingredients in a multipurpose solution. 

You should keep saline with you when you wear contacts in case you need to rinse your lenses. Saline does not clean or disinfect but is useful for a quick rinse if your contact is bothering you or after cleaning to rinse off any residual solution. You might use saline to rinse your contacts after cleaning them with a hydrogen peroxide solution in some cases.

Daily cleaners will clean your lenses, but these don't disinfect. The cleaner does an excellent job of loosening and removing debris. You can even use it to rub your lenses before using a solution to disinfect them. 

Use Instacart to get what you need to keep your eyes healthy and take care of your contact lenses or glasses. If you need reading glasses, you can also find these and then get everything delivered to your door.