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Auto Chemicals Delivery or Pickup

Auto Chemicals Delivery or Pickup

About auto chemicals

Auto chemicals are essential for keeping your car, truck, or SUV running smoothly. They also make cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle much easier. Here's some more information about the types of automotive chemicals available through Instacart and some answers to auto chemicals' most frequently asked questions.

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Buy your favorite Auto Chemicals online with Instacart. Order Motor Oil, Brake Lube, Antifreeze, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about auto chemicals

Antifreeze, also called coolant, is the liquid inside your radiator. It works as a lubricant for some of the engine's moving parts, and it keeps the water in your motor and radiator from freezing in cold temperatures or boiling when the engine gets hot. The main ingredient in Antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol, and it's usually mixed with an equal amount of water.

A low level of Antifreeze could cause damage to your engine, but it's easy to replace by buying more via Instacart and refilling your coolant reservoir or radiator. You should wait for the engine to cool before adding Antifreeze. You can buy concentrated or premixed versions. Ethylene Glycol can taste sweet to pets and kids, so you should never leave open containers unattended. If you spill Antifreeze, clean the area thoroughly. Look for brands with a bittering agent to make them unappealing to animals and children.

A degreaser is a cleaner that can remove grease and oils from engine parts. It can help you avoid lots of scrubbing if you need to clean a dirty part. Aerosol degreasers can reach small crevices easily. You can also immerse a dirty part in a water-based degreaser. Using a degreaser can help you prevent corrosion and keep components working well. Some degreasers are flammable, and others contain potentially toxic chemicals. Only use a degreaser when your car's engine is cool, and make sure there's plenty of ventilation in the area. Some degreasers can damage plastic or rubber seals, or gaskets. Test any new degreasers before you use them extensively.

The regulations about the disposal and recycling of auto chemicals purchased via Instacart can vary by city and state, so you should check on the laws in your area. In many locations, you can recycle used oil by draining it into a catch container. Place an oil pan underneath the container to prevent spills. If you need to drain your vehicle's Antifreeze to make a repair, you can usually put it back afterward. Just keep it in a catch container, as you would with oil, until you're finished with the repair.

Before disposal or recycling, never mix auto chemicals that you buy via Instacart together. They could react with each other, so you should keep each type of fluid in its own container. You can call your local waste management company to determine what disposal or recycling options are available in your area.

Many vehicle fluid levels are impacted by extreme temperatures as well as how much you drive. If you're not driving very often, you should still get your vehicle's fluid levels checked every few months. If you drive regularly, check all the fluid levels when you change the oil.

When you wash your car, use a shampoo designed for autos and use a soft mitt or cloth. After you rinse and dry your vehicle, you can keep it looking shiny and clean longer by adding wax. You can also clean the interior with leather, vinyl, or upholstery cleaner. Using a wheel and tire cleaner will complete your ride's pristine look.

Make sure the auto chemicals you choose are gentle enough to keep your vehicle in good condition. Avoid abrasive materials, bleach, or acidic cleaners. They could cause discoloration or damage to your car's wheels, tires, or paint.

Order the auto chemicals you need for your vehicle through Instacart. You can save time and get your supplies delivered on the same day.