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The Instacart buying guide to kids' arts and crafts supplies

When you're looking for kids' arts and craft supplies, you want to make sure you find quality products that let kids show off their creative side. Sometimes, it's tough to find the time to look for the different supplies your child needs. Wouldn't it be great if there was one place to shop for all kinds of arts and craft supplies? With Instacart, there is! You'll find a wide variety of your favorite kid-friendly arts and crafts products and brands, all in one easy-to-shop selection. Thanks to Instacart, you can even get those supplies in as little as 2 hours.

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Buy your favorite Kids Arts and Crafts Supplies online with Instacart. Order Crayons, Chalk, Glitter Glue, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs about kids arts and crafts supplies

If you're looking for chalk to add to your child's rotation, you're probably wondering if you should buy sidewalk or classroom chalk. Knowing key differences between these two chalk types can help you choose the right product.

Though both types of chalk are made from similar ingredients, they are typically used in different ways. Your child can use sidewalk chalk outside on paved areas like your driveway and cement sidewalks. Sidewalk chalk washes away with water. Chalkboard chalk, on the other hand, is mostly used in instructional settings. You'll usually remove chalkboard chalk with a special eraser.

The size of the chalk product is another important difference between sidewalk chalk and chalkboard chalk. The latter is usually a little more than 3in long and under a half-inch in diameter. Typical sidewalk chalk is much longer and thicker. Sidewalk chalk also comes in a wide range of colors.

Kids and adults alike love glitter glue, though their reasons may differ! Kids love the easy glue application and the fun dose of color and sparkle that glitter glue can add to any arts and crafts project. Adults appreciate this product for its role in helping to limit the mess that sprinkling traditional loose glitter can create. All in all, glitter glue makes a fun addition to any child's arts and crafts supplies collection. But just what is glitter glue, and how can you use it?

Primarily used as an adhesive and crafting embellishment, glitter glue is just a pre-mixed blend of glitter and adhesive. That sparkling combination creates a better seal and cuts down on material waste (along with saving some of the clean-up headaches piles of loose glitter can cause). Some fun glitter glue projects include:
  • Cardboard tube wands.
  • Embellishing homemade holiday ornaments.
  • Sparkly photo collages.

When your child can start using coloring books really depends on their interest. Some young kids gravitate to coloring, while others will take longer to develop an interest. It's important, however, to make sure you check coloring products like crayons for age recommendations and appropriately supervise your child while coloring.

Coloring books can help children develop fine motor skills and practice patience, and they're great for relieving stress. In fact, there's no maximum age for using coloring books — many adults love using them as well!

With so many paint options out there, it can feel like a challenge to find an appropriate product for your child. You'll find child-grade paints that are safe for kids to use (adult-grade paints sometimes contain hazardous pigments or require special handling). You'll find that there are various types of kid-friendly paints. The project your child wants to take on will dictate the best type of paint to select. Choices include:
  • Acrylic paints: Acrylic paint dries semi-glossy or glossy. You can use this thick and opaque paint on canvases, paper, and wood.
  • Finger paints: A favorite among younger children, finger paints work best with paper projects. The paints are typically slippery and transparent.
  • Tempera paints: Tempera paints dry with a matte finish and work best with paper. They feel thick and appear opaque.
  • Watercolor paints: Translucent watercolors mix with water. Look for watercolor paper that can absorb a lot of liquid.
Make your day a little easier when you shop for kids' arts and crafts supplies via Instacart. You can save time and money by getting all the supplies you need from this easy-to-shop selection, so fill your cart and order on Instacart today!