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About air fresheners and candles

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FAQs about air fresheners and candles

Having allergies and sensitivities to fragrances doesn't have to mean living without air fresheners and candles. You can browse Instacart for scent-free products which neutralize odors without adding fragrance to the air. You might want to avoid products labeled as containing “fragrance allergens.” Alternatively, you could determine which scents you're sensitive to and buy products with very different scents. Someone who is sensitive to lavender may tolerate air fresheners and candles with vanilla scents, for example.

Many factors impact how long air fresheners and candles last. Manufacturers of continuous air fresheners, such as car air fresheners and plug-in air fresheners, note how long their products should keep the scents on their packs. The life span of other products, such as candles and spray air fresheners, depends on how often you use them.

The type of wax, amount of fragrance oil, and size of a candle or scented wax melt also impact their burn time. However, scented wax melts usually last five times as long as candles of a similar size. An average 16-ounce candle will burn for between 60 and 84 hours. A typical 8-ounce scented wax melt typically burns for 225 hours.

Some people became concerned about the health impacts of burning candles and scented wax melts when studies found that burning paraffin wax emits benzene and formaldehyde. Exposure to benzene can promote the growth of cancer. Formaldehyde can cause skin irritations, respiratory symptoms, and vision problems. Further studies found paraffin wax doesn't emit enough toxins to cause health complaints, yet some consumers remain concerned.

Listening to consumer views, some companies started doing things differently. Many eliminated paraffin wax from their products and started using soy wax. Derived from soybeans, this vegetable-based wax burns much cleaner. Beeswax is another natural alternative favored by some brands.

If you're concerned about the health implications, read the packs of your candles carefully and avoid candles containing paraffin wax. You may also prefer products made with essential oils and natural fragrances, rather than chemical options. Instacart always shows the back of every candle pack for your convenience.

Bathrooms can be one of the smelliest rooms in any house, but air fresheners can reduce unpleasant odors. Spray air fresheners are a great option for bathrooms, as they provide an intense burst of fragrance. Look for odor-eliminating sprays, which will remove the odor from the room rather than simply masking it. Otherwise, the bad scent may linger long after the spray dissipates.

You may like to pair the spray air freshener with a scented gel for maintenance. Gel air fresheners are quite mild, so they don't overwhelm in small spaces like bathrooms.

Oil diffusers and plug-in air fresheners are the best options for large rooms, such as bedrooms and living rooms. These products are designed to inject lingering fragrances into the indoor environment, rather than mask or eliminate offensive odors. Plug-in air fresheners release short bursts of fragrance that perfume the air until the next burst comes along. Oil diffusers release gentle fragrances constantly.

Plug-in air fresheners are relatively affordable. They work with cartridges that need replacing roughly every 60 days. Oil diffusers cost a bit more than many air fresheners, but they work with water and just a few drops of essential oil for each session. That means a small bottle of essential oils can easily last for months or even years. Plug-in air fresheners only work with cartridges of the same brand. Oil diffusers work with any kind of essential oil, so they are a bit more versatile.