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Furniture Delivery or Pickup

Instacart's guide to buying furniture

When you're shopping for furniture online, there are several things you need to consider, such as:
  • Size: Will this fit in my home? Does it fold for easy storage when not in use?
  • Function: Are there enough drawers or shelves for my storage needs?
  • Style: Does the overall appearance match my personal aesthetic?
  • Durability: Will the piece last as long as I need it to? Can it stand up to the type of wear and tear it will get in my home?
With these questions in mind, you can start exploring furniture available through Instacart. You'll find a wealth of choices that can help enhance your space by adding better organization, more comfort, or greater functionality.

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FAQs about furniture

When you're ordering furniture through Instacart, it's important to make sure you know the complete dimensions of the piece. The width and depth of the item will tell you how large its footprint is. The height lets you know how tall the piece stands.

Measure the area where you plan to put the furniture. You might consider laying painter's tape on the floor to mark out the dimensions. 

If you're purchasing a couch or chair, the height can give you an idea of how comfortable the item will be. Compare the new item's height to the height of another chair or couch in the home to get an idea of how it will feel. If you're purchasing a desk, it should be tall enough for you to slide your legs under while sitting in the chair that you plan to use with it.

To get the right size cover for a chair or couch, you will need to measure:
  • The length of the item from the outer edge of one arm to the outer edge of the opposite arm. 
  • The depth from the front to the back.
  • The height of the piece from the floor to the top of the seat cushion.
These three measurements should give you the information you need to gauge the appropriate size for a furniture cover. You may also need to measure the height of the chair or couch's back for some items. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for a sofa, loveseat, or chair cover to make sure it's appropriate for your furniture. 

If you're looking for something easier to fit, consider a furniture protector rather than a furniture cover. This lays on top of the furniture but does not envelope it completely.

Material is an important consideration when you're selecting shelves, drawers, and other storage items. Plastic and wire are typically the cheapest options, but they're also the least durable. Plastic drawers are particularly problematic because they can warp if they have too much weight inside or on top.

Particleboard offers a good middle ground that offers more durability while remaining fairly affordable. Particleboard can offer the same appearance as wood, making it a welcome touch for most types of home decor.

Solid wood and metal will give you the most durability and longevity. These items are built to last so that you can rely on them long into the future. 

When you're selecting lighting, you need to consider function more than style or form. Carefully assess the tasks that you perform in a particular space. If you read in bed, a bedside lamp should offer enough brightness to help you avoid eye strain. Task lighting at your desk or in your kitchen should be directional and bright so you can clearly see what you're doing.

In other areas, you'll want soft ambient lighting or decorative accent lighting. These options are not as bright. Ambient lighting puts out a soft glow over a large space. Accent lighting adds intrigue to your space and may be colored for more interest. A good rule of thumb is to have three different types of lighting in each part of the house so you can set the right mood for any occasion.

If you're ordering a desk, ergonomics are a chief concern. You need to be comfortable while you're working — especially if you spend long hours on the job. You'll typically want a desk that's 29-30in high. However, if you're taller than average, a higher desk may better accommodate your legs. For most purposes, you'll want at least 2.5ft of desk space to spread out your work comfortably.

You want your keyboard to sit in a position that lets your arms rest comfortably at a right angle. You shouldn't have to flex your wrists awkwardly to type. Your computer monitor should be at eye level, so you don't have to strain your neck looking downward. A desk with a raised pedestal for your monitor can help accomplish this if you have a monitor that sits too low for comfort.

Purchase new furniture through Instacart and save time in your busy day. Have your new pieces delivered in as little as two hours.