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Women's Apparel Delivery or Pickup

Women's Apparel Delivery or Pickup

Buying guide to women's apparel via Instacart

Whether you need a blouse for work, a pair of jeans to wear while running errands, or a pair of leggings to exercise in, Instacart can deliver your item to your home. Save time and money stocking up on basics such as women's undergarments, T-shirts,  dresses, and skirts when you order your women's apparel through Instacart.

Women's Apparel Near Me

Buy your favorite Women's Apparel online with Instacart. Order Women's Apparel from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about women's apparel

Each store's website will explain its own exchange or return policy, so it's important to understand the policies before committing to your purchase. When you order with Instacart, you'll get a receipt for your item that you can use for a return or exchange.

Instacart makes ordering from multiple stores a breeze. When you purchase women's apparel from different stores through Instacart, you'll have a separate cart for each store. Each item you order from a specific store goes into that store's cart, and you'll see a different cart for each subsequent store. Each store will have a separate shopper and a different delivery time frame. In addition, you'll have separate delivery fees for each store.

If your Instacart shopper can't find the exact match for your piece of women's apparel, they'll contact you and offer three options:
  • Find the Best Match: Your Instacart shopper will do their best to find a suitable replacement.
  • Pick Specific Replacement: If you want to pick your own replacement, go to the Instacart app or website, tap or click on the item, and select 'Pick Specific Replacement'. You can then browse the catalog and find a replacement you may like.
  • Don't Replace: If you can't find a suitable replacement item while browning the stores' catalog, choose 'Don't Replace', and you'll get a refund.
You'll save time and make your day a bit easier when you order women's apparel through Instacart. Simply download the Instacart app today and have your pieces of women's apparel delivered or have them available for curbside pickup at select retailers.