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Baby Activity Delivery or Pickup

Baby Activity Delivery or Pickup

Instacart's Buying Guide to Baby Activity Products

You can bring home a range of products to keep your baby entertained and engaged, thanks to Instacart. You want to find the best products for your baby, but sometimes it can be difficult to find time in your busy days to get to the store. That's where Instacart comes in. You'll find all your favorite baby activity products and brands in one easy-to-shop spot. Let Instacart make your day a little easier when you fill your cart and then get your go-to products in as little as 2 hours. Here are some items you can shop for.

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Buy your favorite Baby Activity online with Instacart. Order Baby Bouncers, Baby Swings, Baby Playmats, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs About Baby Activity

Many new parents consider a baby bouncer an essential item. This product can help you catch your breath between diaper changes, feedings, and cuddling time. Bouncers typically have angled seats within stationary frames and include restraints to ensure your child stays safely situated. The seat then gently soothes your baby through rocking, either via the baby's movement or power using an outlet or batteries.

The design of baby bouncers makes these products generally safe for newborns, as long as you supervise your baby while they sit there for short periods. That's thanks to the secure restraints and the seat that extends past the baby's head, offering full neck support. The general recommendation is that a baby has outgrown the bouncer once they reach 20 pounds or sit up comfortably independently. At that point, the baby could tip over the bouncer by sitting up or rolling.

Baby bouncers and baby swings offer two great choices for parents. Baby bouncers take up less space and are portable enough that you can move your baby around the house to deal with various tasks, but the baby swings tend to be better for soothing a baby to sleep. Parents who have sleep as their end goal of the product might choose a baby swing. Swings can also help calm fussy babies.

If you've decided to go with a baby swing, you'll have some choices. Travel baby swings are portable products that you can fold and take with you, so they're great if you travel with your baby and want a swing you can take. Full-size baby swings come with more features, making them a good choice if you don't plan to move the swing around a lot.

You can start using a baby gym and baby play mat as soon as your baby is comfortable lying on their back without being swaddled. While a newborn might not yet interact with various toys and textures, they'll enjoy just looking at dangling toys when alert.

Your baby will get the most out of a play mat once you can introduce tummy time, typically around 3 months of age. When you start, you'll want to limit sessions to five minutes, with three of these short sessions each day. You can gradually work up to an hour of tummy time daily.

A great baby gym can keep your child engaged and entertained. Some things to look for include:
  • Easy maintenance and care: You'll want to give padding a regular cleaning, so look for machine-washable mats along with toys that are easy to sanitize.
  • Elements that keep a baby's attention: Baby gyms that include mats with varying textures, baby-safe mirrors, and high-contrast colors keep little ones engaged.
  • Incentives for tummy time: Look for mats with toys that will be at eye level when a baby is on their stomach to help with building core strength and stability.
  • Interactive toys: Fun features such as music or lights are fun, but they also help babies develop an understanding of cause and effect.
  • Modification possibilities: If your baby gym allows for modifications (such as integrating more advanced problem-solving elements) as your baby grows, you'll have the chance to provide ongoing fun without shopping for new products.
Your days can get busy and stressful, so let Instacart simplifying your shopping experience. Order your favorite baby activity products via Instacart today!