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Electronics Delivery or Pickup

Electronics Delivery or Pickup

Instacart's guide to electronics

The world of consumer electronics is vast and varied, offering a wealth of enticing options to shoppers. Scrolling through the electronics department will yield a wide range of choices from many of the retailers that are accessible through Instacart. When you're shopping for electronics, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

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FAQs about electronics

Consumer Reports recommends skipping extended warranties. These warranties are usually difficult to cash in on, thanks to the fine print that leads to a great deal of claim rejections. You may even have to cover part of the repair cost, at which point the warranty may or may not have saved you real money.

Most modern electronics are extremely reliable, making an extended warranty usually unnecessary. It's often helpful to check online reviews for a particular product or brand to get a better idea of whether the warranty is the most cost-effective choice.

One handy way to find out if your electronics are going to experience problems is to leave them on for 48 hours shortly after purchasing them. If they're going to fail, most products will malfunction within the first 48 hours of use. After that first 48-hour period, turn the product off for as long as possible. Ideally, you'll leave it off for a full day. 

If the electronic item fires up again with no problem, you can rest easier knowing that you've thoroughly tested it and are unlikely to have long-term problems. Most electronics have at least a 60-day warranty that you can fall back on. Depending on the store, you may also be able to simply return the item.

Having the right accessories can transform your experience with many electronics. Your computer needs great speakers to take your gaming experience to the next level. That Nintendo Switch offers a lot more fun with a memory card, and you simply can't keep your printer going without a regular supply of ink. Any time you're shopping for accessories that you'll use with other electronics, it's important to consider your selection carefully. 

Check the specs on your current electronics for compatibility. Most computer accessories have a USB port that's easy to plug in, but this also presents the question of how many ports are available. If your laptop has just two USB ports and they're already in use, you'll need a hub with additional ports to add more accessories. Taking the time to do a little research in advance can save you the hassle of returns later.

Many chargers will work for a variety of devices, but you still need to make sure you're choosing the right type of cable for the product that you need to charge. The primary options for charging cables are:
  • Lightning cables: Apple's lighting connection is exclusive to Apple products, but you can purchase this type of cable from other manufacturers.
  • Micro-USB chargers: Micro-USB cables have replaced mini-USB cables in modern products. This type of cable is used for many smartphones, digital cameras, and MP3 players.
  • USB Type-C: A new standard, this has replaced the Micro-USB on the very latest devices. These are used for some smartphones, security cameras, and laptops. 
While you can swap chargers for many items, laptops are often an exception. These typically need a very specific cable. Anytime you're purchasing a charger for electronics, it's important to check the product carefully so you can select the appropriate cable.

Returns are subject to each store's individual return policies. Some retailers will allow you to return an item with your digital receipt from Instacart. If you're purchasing electronics that you're unsure about, contact the retailer before you make your selection to learn more about its specific return policy as it pertains to Instacart orders.

Save yourself the hassle of searching for the electronics you need in a store. Select the items from the comfort of you home and let Instacart do the work.