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Electrical Delivery or Pickup

Electrical Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to electrical products

Electrical products make life easier. From extension cords to light bulbs and surge protectors to electrical tools, electrical products power what you do and how you do it.

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FAQs about electrical

Extension cords are very handy in that they let you use an item wherever you need to, not necessarily wherever you have an electrical outlet. However, there are some things you want to avoid when using an extension cord.

Do not run an extension cord over an area of water. This includes over a bathtub or sink or through a shower or fountain. Also, do not use an indoor extension cord outside. They do not have the same level of protection against the elements as the outdoor versions do.

Never remove the grounding pin from an extension cord just so you can fit it into a two-prong outlet. Don't plug multiple extension cords together to avoid overworking the outlet. You shouldn't use multiple large power users on one extension cord. For instance, a refrigerator and portable air conditioner should not be plugged into the same extension cord.

Electrical tape is typically black and should be used for all of your electrical projects because it has low conductivity and good durability. It has a rubber-based adhesive, which keeps it from transferring a current and makes it stretchy. This makes it a great fit for electrical projects because it can easily wrap around wires and take on the shape of whatever it sticks to.

Electrical tape is also valued in electrical projects because it continues to adhere to the surface through extensive wear.

Cloth tape and duct tape do not have the same flexibility that electrical tape does. Plus, these and other kinds of tape are susceptible to burning at high temperatures. That means they have a higher risk of fire than electrical tape. Electrical tape, on the other hand, can endure temperatures up to 200°F. It's a safer option with potential heat.

Extension cords are handy but can cause some problems if they are not used properly. A quality extension cord should match the project you're using it for. While cords may be exchanged for similar uses, most people quickly realize that they need more than one kind of extension cord in their homes.

First, there are indoor and outdoor cords. An outdoor extension cord can withstand elements including water. They usually have a thicker diameter because they can handle a larger current. Most outdoor items, like an electric lawnmower, need more current. You can use an outdoor model inside but never an inside model, outside.

Color is also an option. Many outdoor models come in either green or orange. Indoor extension cords are usually either brown or white.

Extension cords come in a variety of lengths. Longer cords have a lower capacity than shorter extension cords.

It's important to be able to recognize issues surrounding your electrical outlets. While the issues are probably not something you should fix yourself, knowing it needs to be done can improve your safety. Here are a few things to avoid as well as common problems you could see.

Loose plugs can be a concern. These can cause faulty connections and sometimes produce sparks that can "jump" out of the plug, which could injure someone or cause a fire.

Burned or discolored plug covers can be an indicator of something that began to overheat or melt. This could point to a past surge, lightning strike, or excessive temp in or around the plug. Keep an eye on your plugs.

Also, don't cover up your plugs. If you decide to place furniture in front of them, leave space so you can get to them and to reduce the risk of overheating.

People love electrical tape because of its flexibility. It bends well and stays put. But because it stays put, it leaves a very sticky residue if you try to remove it.

There are a lot of creative uses for this type of adhesive, especially if you need to use it in an area that would bend like a hinge. Just make sure that when you use it, it's a permanent tape you're looking for and not something you plan on removing later.

Some people use electrical tape to fashion bracelets or Halloween costumes. Other uses include applying it to hockey sticks to make them more durable or using it on rackets for better grip and a little cushion.

Instacart can help you save time and money on your basic electrical needs like extension cords, electrical tape, and electrical plug extenders. Same-day delivery gives you the flexibility to plan today and have it finished quickly.