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Pet Health Delivery or Pickup

Pet Health Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart's buying guide to pet health products

Like humans, our pets need to maintain their health. As pet owners, we need to address any problems that arise along the way. Whether it's the usual yearly dose of flea medicine or you need something special for your furry, feathery, or scaly friend, Instacart can make visiting your favorite pet supply stores easier than ever. Explore the following guide to some of the pet health products you can buy to boost your best friend's health.

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Buy your favorite Pet Health online with Instacart. Order Dental Care, Cat Health, Dog Health, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about pet health products

If you notice something wrong with your pet's health, such as mange, a limp, or decreased appetite, you should always defer to your veterinarian. Unless the issue results from a preexisting health issue that you're aware of or if the cause of the discomfort is clear and non-threatening, always ask your veterinarian for advice on what to do next. Guessing — no matter how educated — what course of treatment your pet needs can be detrimental to your pet's health and well-being.

Short answer: always ask the experts.

Unless your pup has a skin condition that requires regular bathing, you should be fine with a bath once every month. If you bathe your dog multiple times a week, you're running the risk of causing dry skin, which can lead to larger issues. Be sure to clean your dog's ears at least once a month to help avoid ear infections. If your dog regularly gets its ears wet, you may need to clean its ears more frequently. 

If you see signs of an ear infection, you might cause damage through your cleaning. If you notice your dog's ears have a yeasty smell, redness, or swelling, call your vet instead of trying to clean the dog's ears yourself.

You won't find the perfect best food for your pet, but you can easily find many brands available on the market. However, some pet food is healthier than others. Ultimately, your pet will help you determine the best food. 

Depending on your pet's species, breed, current health, and habits, what is the best food choice for your pet may not be the best food for your neighbor's pet. Learn how to read animal food labels so that you can deliver the nutrition your animal needs. Ask your pet's veterinarian for advice about what type of diet would benefit your pet the most.

Brushing your dog's coat can make your furry friend look good and save your pet from more extensive health problems. The many benefits of brushing your dog's coat include:
  • Prevention of mats.
  • Distribution of natural oils.
  • Time for you to look for anything out of the ordinary on your dog's skin, such as ticks or bumps.
  • Less shedding.
  • Quality bonding time.
How often you should brush your dog depends on the length of your dog's fur. Dogs with long fur might need brushing once a week, while short-haired dogs might need brushing about once a month.

When you're ready to start shopping for essential pet health supplies, download the Instacart app or visit our website. Shop at your favorite pet health supply stores online through Instacart, fill your virtual cart with the items you need, and let shoppers find what you're seeking. Once your order is collected, you'll either be able to arrange for pickup from the store, or you can wait for your item delivery at home. Instacart aims to make shopping easier and your list of chores smaller so that you can spend more time with your best friend.