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Shaving Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to shaving products

Both men and women need hair removal products as a part of their daily grooming routine. Having the right products to get a good close shave is essential so you can head out each day looking and feeling your best. Use Instacart to find all the shaving products you need, from creams to razors and more.

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Buy your favorite Shaving online with Instacart. Order Shave Cream & Gels, Aftershaves, Beard Care, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQ's about shaving

You never want to use a razor on its own. Some kind of shaving cream, foam, or gel is necessary to reduce irritation to the skin. You can find a wide variety of shaving creams for men and women using the Instacart app.
  • Shaving cream: Provide a rich lather and are good for shaving every day.
  • Shaving foam: The airy, light texture lathers quickly and is good for a quick shave. Use a foam if you only shave every few days.
  • Shaving gel: Shaving gels are popular because they have the richest lather. A gel is good if your skin tends to be bumpy after shaving or is prone to irritation.
  • Shaving oil: Men sometimes apply shaving oil before shaving cream. It softens the hair and is helpful for men with thick facial hair.

How often you shave is completely up to you. It can be as often as every day, once a week, or just every once in a while. What is more important than how often you shave is how you shave. Some people grow facial and body hair faster than others, and if they want a smooth and hair-free look, they will have to shave more often. The frequency of shaving also depends on the part of the body. For example, armpit hair grows faster than leg hair.

The best way to avoid skin irritation when shaving is to do it correctly. Before getting started, hydrate your skin in a warm bath or the shower. Exfoliation can also help prepare your skin for shaving. After your skin is hydrated and warm, use a good cream or gel to preserve the moisture and help the razor glide. Always use a clean, sharp blade, and moisturize when you're done.

The best indication that a razor blade is dull is that it pulls at your hair, or you feel skin irritation. How often you change the blade or switch to a new disposable razor depends on how often you shave. If it's daily, you should change it every one to two weeks. If you shave twice a week, you can probably keep the razor for four to six weeks, but these timelines are just a rule of thumb. If the blade starts to feel uncomfortable against your skin earlier than this, then change it. Using a dull blade increases the risk of getting cuts and nicks.

If you see rust on the razor blade, it is also time to change it, and if you still feel hair left behind after shaving, it's a sure sign that you need a new one.

Electric razors cost more than disposable ones, but they last longer and deliver a shave with less irritation. Many men find that they don't get as close as a regular manual razor but like the easy process. If you prefer using an electric one, you have lots to choose from. Some of the best include Braun's Series 7 models. These provide a comfortable and close shave that's easy to maintain. The Remington F5-8000 is also a good choice, and the Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 is one of the best rotary options.

Use the Instacart app to shop for all your shaving needs. It makes it quick and convenient to stock up on razors, shaving creams, and moisturizers to keep your skin looking and feeling great.