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Baby Safety Delivery or Pickup

Baby Safety Delivery or Pickup

About Baby Safety

Keeping your infant safe is an ongoing task for new parents. The best way to keep your baby safe is to remain alert and aware of your surroundings. Potential hazards can appear anywhere, particularly as your child becomes mobile. Outside the home, your sphere of control is smaller, focusing primarily on the child. By closely monitoring what your child is doing, you can protect your son or daughter from many dangers in the outside world.

At home, you have a far greater degree of control. You can design and enhance this space in many ways to create an environment that's as safe as possible for your infant, baby, or toddler. 

Baby Safety Near Me

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FAQs About Baby Safety

You will need to baby-proof your home in stages as your child becomes more mobile. Essential measures should take place at least 3 months before your due date so that you're prepared if your baby comes early. When your infant comes home from the hospital, your baby will need a safe sleeping environment and a safe place for baths. 

As your child starts to move around the home, you'll need to secure cabinets and drawers, anchor furniture to the walls, and cover sharp corners and edges on shelves or tables. Secure items such as the refrigerator, oven, washer, and dryer. Plug outlets, make sure no harmful plants are within reach and put up baby gates in front of stairs. Most children become mobile around 6-10 months of age, but the most important step is to customize your baby-proofing to suit your child's capabilities.

You will need a full arsenal of tools and supplies to baby-proof your home. For an infant, the primary items you need are safe bedding, safe bathing supplies, and an infant car seat. To baby-proof for later stages, you should begin by assessing your home from a toddler's perspective. Count the number of outlets, cabinets, and doors that you want to secure. Measure sharp table edges and count table corners that need to be covered. Check the width of doors that you need to block with a baby gate. 

Use this information to create a thorough shopping list for baby-proofing your home. You will need outlet plugs, cabinet and drawer latches, door gates, corner protectors, edge bumpers, and other items that are custom selected for your living space. No two homes are the same, so it's important to evaluate your space carefully.

A baby monitor helps you keep ears or eyes on your child when you're not in the room. However, a baby monitor isn't necessary for all homes. If your infant sleeps in the same room as you, you probably won't need a baby monitor right away. If you have a small home and sleep lightly, you may never need this device.

A baby monitor is useful if:
  • You're working on sleep training and want to observe your child while letting your baby cry or play before falling asleep.
  • You want to take care of yard work or spend time outside while your baby is sleeping.
  • You enjoy the reassurance of checking in on your baby without having to go to the room and peek in the door.
  • You want to monitor interactions with older children and the baby while you're not in the room with them.

Small children are programmed to explore their environments. For babies, part of learning about the world around them includes putting items in their mouths, emptying containers, and touching or tasting anything they can reach. If you don't take the time to baby-proof your living space, these natural activities could become dangerous or deadly for a young child.

Preventable injuries are the leading killer of children between the ages of 1-4 in the United States. Even the most vigilant parents can't keep their eyes trained on a toddler at all times. Baby-proofing gives the child the freedom to explore while offering the parents a much-needed sense of confidence and security. 

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