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Pet Keepsakes Delivery or Pickup

Pet Keepsakes Delivery or Pickup

About pet keepsakes

Pet keepsakes are a way to honor the bond you share with your beloved pet. They make it easier to reflect on fond memories shared and let you keep your companion near to your heart. Whether you want a keepsake of your own or you're gifting an object to someone else, pet keepsakes are a meaningful way to remember a pet. 

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FAQs about pet keepsakes 

Yes. Pet urns come in many sizes, and you should select one appropriate to your pet's size under normal and healthy conditions. Typically, 1 pound of body weight is equivalent to 1 cubic inch of cremains. For example, if your pet weighed 30lbs, you might select an urn that's 30 cubic inches. 

With smaller keepsakes such as jewelry and mini urns, these items hold only a small quantity of ashes and are designed to keep them close to you. Some people may want to purchase a larger pot for most of their pet's cremains and a smaller keepsake to carry with them. 

While everyone is unique and will choose to celebrate a pet's life differently, a memorial service is a meaningful way to remember your beloved companion. If you decide to hold a memorial service, you'll want to consider the following:
  • Holding private family goodbyes.
  • Selecting an urn or keepsake.
  • Choosing the style of the tribute.
  • Identifying a service location.

Keepsakes make an excellent gift for close family and friends. You might want to gift them a mini pet urn or piece of jewelry with a small part of the pet's ashes. 

These keepsakes are easy to make, and many kits include everything you need in the box. They come with safe impression material, a shaping ring, and a pin to create a hanging hole. 

First, unpack everything and gently knead the clay for 2-3 minutes. Roll the clay on a flat surface and use the shaping ring to make a perfect circular shape.

Next, use the pin to puncture a hole for string or ribbon to hang your keepsake.

The last step is to clean your pet's paw and shave away any excess hair before gently placing it into the impression material to form the mold. Then all you do is let the clay dry for 24 to 48 hours, and you have a lasting memory item for your pet. 

You can turn a pet keepsake into a gift in many ways. Whether you're identifying something for your family or friends, you'll find a gift for every occasion.

The holiday season is a fabulous time for keepsakes, which can be anything from holiday ornaments to cute and cuddly Christmas cards. A paw impression allows you to easily create decorative ornaments that you can personalize with messages, glitter, and funny family photos.

Pet picture frames are another fantastic gifting option. All it takes to create a memorable gift is a lovely photo of your furry friend and a personalized message or design.  

Memorial jewelry is much smaller than a regular urn and holds only a tiny amount of ashes. To seal ashes inside, use the small spoon or tool provided to maneuver them inside gently. If you're worried about accidentally spilling anything, place a large bowl or tray underneath the urn while filling. Once the urn is full, you can replace the airtight cap and securely twist it in place. 

These urns have a safety seal inside that keeps the ashes from escaping through the seam and ensures your beloved pet's cremains are safe. 

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