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Wine Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart wine buying guide

Your days are busy, and sometimes it's a challenge getting to the store to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner. Make your day easier by ordering your favorite wine through Instacart. Whether you want your wine delivered by an Instacart shopper or you want to pick it up curbside at select stores, Instacart has you covered.

Wine Near Me

Buy your favorite Wine online with Instacart. Order Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne and Sparkling Wine, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about wine

When hosting a dinner party, calculate one to three glasses of wine per person. Generally, people will enjoy a glass of wine or Champagne before the meal, one or two glasses with dinner, and an after-dinner drink such as a small glass of port or sherry to go with dessert.

You can buy alcohol through Instacart. Simply go online and find your local market or liquor store that uses the Instacart delivery service and order the wine you want. The Instacart shopper will select your wine and deliver it to your doorstep with same-day delivery.

You also have the option of picking up your Instacart order at select stores. When your order is ready, you'll receive a notification on your mobile device with instructions about how to pick up your order. You can either go inside the store to pick up your order or wait in the designated area for an Instacart shopper to bring it out to your car.

Select stores allow for wine delivery through Instacart and the Instacart app. You can only buy alcohol if you're 21 years or older, and you must show proof of your age upon your wine delivery. Please keep in mind that if you show obvious signs of inebriation or intoxication, the Instacart shopper has the right to refuse alcohol delivery to you. 

If you can't show proof of ID or don't meet the other Instacart alcohol requirements, the shopper will return the bottle to the store and refund your money. You may still get charged for delivery and bottle deposit fees as well as the tip.

An Instacart shopper will not substitute your favorite wine. If the store is out of stock, the shopper will contact you and ask if you would like a different option. If you don't want a different type of wine, the Instacart shopper will refund your money.

Whether you need wine for your dinner, a special next party, or to share with someone special, Instacart has you covered. Make your day a bit easier and save time when you order your wine via Instacart today.