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The Instacart guide to blush wine products

Blush wine is a pink wine that is similar to white wine but with more body. It wasn't until the late 20th century that these pink wines found their popularity increase in American households. In 1972, a California winemaker released a paler wine to his Red Zinfandel that he labeled White Zinfandel. Although he wasn't the first to create such a wine, he was the first to market it as a new wine style successfully.

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FAQs about blush wine

Unlike other wines, blush wine doesn't benefit from aging. It's best to consume the wine within 6 months of purchasing it. You can keep the bottle of blush wine on the counter until you're ready to drink it. Once you open a bottle of blush wine, it remains safe to consume for 5-7 days.

A dry blush wine complements various dishes, so you really can't go wrong when pairing it with food. Try this wine with shellfish, seafood, pasta, and spicy dishes. Other foods that work well include summer soups, egg dishes, and salads with chicken. You can also incorporate blush wine into cocktails and serve it with fresh fruit, desserts, and cheeses. Some people even serve blush wine as an after-dinner dessert wine.

Many people use the two terms interchangeably, but they differ slightly. Any wine can be called a Rosé if made from juice left in contact with the skins for about an hour. Rosés never use a blend of white and red wine, whereas blush wines can be made in either style. As a result, all Rosé wine can be blush wine, but not all blush wine can be Rosé wine.