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The Instacart buying guide to books

When you're ready to curl up with a good book, you don't want to interrupt the mood by taking time out of your day to go to the store. That's where Instacart comes in. With a wide array of books available in different genres and for different ages, Instacart makes it easier than ever to stock up on engaging reading material. You can get books delivered in as little as 2 hours so you can dive right into an exciting tale, educational account, or new recipe as soon as possible. Save time and money by ordering books via Instacart.

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Buy your favorite Books online with Instacart. Order Baby Books, Fiction Books, Nonfiction Books, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about books

Young adult books, commonly referred to simply as YA books, are books written for readers between 12-18 years old. You can find YA stories in any fiction genre. Of course, teens can read fiction written for adults. Plenty of adults love to read fiction marketed as young adult, too. But a few key details set YA fiction apart from fiction written for an adult audience.

Regardless of genre, YA fiction tends to share certain characteristics specific to that category. These key characteristics include:
  • Protagonist age: YA books have at least one teenage main character, typically between 15-19.
  • Authentic voice: YA fiction stays true to the experience of young adults through the characters' concerns and motivations and sense of immediacy in the storytelling style.
  • Story themes: While YA stories may explore "adult" themes like violence or sexuality, they typically do so in less explicit detail.

You might come across the terms "young adult" and "middle grade" when searching for books for younger readers. If you're looking for books suited to kids younger than the YA crowd, you can check out middle grade titles. Middle grade books are for readers between 8 -12 years old.

Middle grade books different from their YA counterparts in terms of their readers':
  • Maturity.
  • Reading level.
  • Thematic interests.
  • World view.
The protagonists you find in most middle grade novels are accordingly a bit younger than YA protagonists. In middle grade fiction, protagonists are typically toward the lower end of teenage years or even younger.

You'll want to consider a few factors when choosing books to give to your child. Look at age guidelines, learning benefits, and reading level for books you think your child might enjoy. Think about what your child can learn from a given book, such as basic concepts like feelings or ABCs for younger children, or vocabulary and comprehension for older readers. Finally, let your child's interests guide you to appealing subjects.

If you want to learn about someone's life story, you might head to the nonfiction section and pick up a biography, autobiography, or memoir. While these 3 formats all delve into the subject's personal history, you'll find distinct differences between all 3:
  • Autobiographies: These books are life histories, written by the subject of the book. Because autobiographies offer details about the authors' achievements and life experiences, they are often written later in life.
  • Biographies: Biographies are also life histories, but written by someone else. Biographers use research sources to detail key events that shape their subjects' lives as well as concrete information about things like education, relationships, and work.
  • Memoirs: Memoirs are collections of memories, also written by the subject of the book. The difference between autobiographies and memoirs is the focus. Memoirs go beyond presenting facts to reflect and establish an emotional connection.

Looking for a book that transports you to another realm? You might find science fiction or fantasy books are just what you need. While the 2 genres have various similarities, sci-fi and fantasy also come with distinct characteristics.

Science fiction books usually take place in the future. Common elements include advanced technology and dystopian societies. On the other hand, fantasy stories generally take place in a fantasy realm. These books include elements like supernatural powers and mythical creatures.

Instacart makes your day a little easier by saving you time and money when you shop for books. Fill your cart, then shop for your favorite books on Instacart today!