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The Instacart buying guide to home audio theater

Take your movie and TV watching setup to the next level with the right home audio and theater equipment. When it's time to upgrade your home entertainment systems, the right equipment goes a long way. You can count on Instacart to take the guesswork out of shopping for home audio and theater products. You'll find your favorite brands and essential items, all available in one easy-to-shop selection and available for delivery in as little as two hours. Instead of taking time out of your busy day to shop, have the products you need delivered right to your door.

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FAQs about home audio theater

If you are thinking about purchasing a projector for your home theater system to watch movies, you might be wondering if your projector can double as a device for everyday television watching. After all, projectors deliver unparalleled screen size options for their price point. You can often find projectors that cost a fraction of what you might pay for a big-screen TV.

Even better, projectors aren't just for viewing movies or prestige TV shows. You can use your projector to watch streaming shows and more. While normal, everyday use might run down the bulb life of your projector faster than occasional movie nights, you can expect a better overall experience for anything your watch. Typically, the easiest setup comes from using app-based streaming or a streaming stick.

You can use a projector without a projection screen, though having a screen in your home theater will enhance the viewing experience. Using a projector without a projection screen can impact the quality of the image you're viewing.

If you don't have a projection screen, you can use a simple white wall as a viewing surface. Just keep in mind that the wall won't reflect light as well as a screen would, nor will you find a wall that's as smooth as a projection screen. Additionally, projection screens have a special coating. This coating improves the screen's reflective properties. All in all, while an image you project onto a wall won't be nearly as bright as it would on a projection screen, you can still enjoy your projector this way.

If you have DVDs or Blu-ray discs, you need the right equipment to play your movies or shows properly. The key difference between DVD players and Blu-ray players comes down to the laser technology used to record and play back data on the discs. You'll also encounter differences in storage capacity, image resolution, and compatibility.

DVD players use a red laser to read DVDs. Blu-ray players, on the other hand, use a blue laser. The wavelengths between the two lasers also differ: DVD players use lasers at 650nm wavelength and Blu-ray players use lasers at 405nm. The lasers Blu-ray players use allow a closer, more precise reading of information on the disc. Blu-ray players are designed to offer a high-definition display, and some can even display in ultra-high-definition.

You can play basic DVDs on both types of players. However, you can only play Blu-ray discs on Blu-ray players.

Most movie theaters use RealD 3D glasses. These are passive 3D glasses, and they'll also work with your home 3D system — as long as your system supports passive 3D technology.

Passive technology refers to technology that doesn't require an external power supply. Active 3D technology is more common in home theater systems, but if you do happen to have a passive 3D television or projector, you can use the 3D glasses you get at the movie theater. That said, movie theater 3D glasses won't work with every monitor or TV, so check the details of the technology you have in your home to know for sure.

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