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Potted Plants for Delivery or Pickup

Potted Plants Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to potted plants

What better way to greet spring and summer than enhancing your home with your favorite potted plants? Potted plants can add a charming atmosphere both inside and outside your home. Let Instacart shoppers collect everything you need to get started on your plant collection, from the pots to the plants.

Use the following guide to help you decide how you want to start your foray into the world of potted plants.

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FAQs about potted plants

If you're placing your potted plant inside, you should choose a spot where the plant can breathe. For example, a low plant between two larger furniture pieces may not get the airflow it needs to stay healthy. Try not to place your pots close to an HVAC vent or heater, which can be harmful to your plants.

You don't have to be concerned about your pets as long as you determine whether the plant you're considering purchasing is toxic to your furry friends. Several plants can make your pets ill if they ingest them, such as peace lilies, pothos, tulips, English ivy, and azaleas. However, you should consider an alternative approach to your potted plant placement if your cat or dog gets in the habit of chewing on them, regardless of the plant's toxicity levels.

All plants have a recommended amount of water they want. However, more factors come into play here. A good rule of thumb — more like green thumb — is to hold off on watering if the potted plant's soil is still moist. Over-watering can be as bad and sometimes worse than under-watering. You should follow the specific moisture requirements for each plant you have. Be flexible if your plant's soil is telling you it's had enough or too little water.

If you're leaving your potted plants outside, try to only water them during the morning or at dusk. Watering your plants during peak sunlight hours can cause your plants to overheat or the water to evaporate.

Try to avoid watering leaves and flowers. The sun may scorch wet leaves and flowers on a hot day. Watering at night may promote mold and diseases among your plants.

If you notice a part of your plant that's beginning to fade or die, you can prune it to help stop the plant from sending energy to it. Pinch or cut off flowers and leaves that aren't going to make it. Pruning plants that have prolific growing seasons is a good way to maintain their health and keep the plant's healthier parts attractive.

Potted plants from the garden center or plant nursery should be properly cared for and placed in a pot appropriate to their size. You should not have to repot your plant after purchasing. Aim to replenish your potted plant's soil every 12-18 months. The best time to repot your pots is early spring or before the plant's active growing season begins.

However, some species of plants will grow larger over time until they outgrow their pots. You may need to transplant your plants to larger containers if you observe the following:
  • Roots are starting to grow out of the drainage holes.
  • The plant has started to become top-heavy and falls over.
  • The plant is being pushed out of the container by the roots.
  • When you repot your plant to replace its soil, you see one large knot of roots.
Use the Instacart app or website to find potted plants from stores in your area. To save you time and money, Instacart shoppers can visit stores for you and gather all the plants and tools you need to care for them. Simply fill up your virtual cart with the plants that fit your style, order them for pickup or delivery, and relax while Instacart does the work for you.