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Small Animal Care Delivery or Pickup

Small Animal Care Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to small animal care

Having a small animal can bring joy into your home. Whether you have a pet hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, rat, ferret, reptiles, or hermit crabs, you can have small animal care products delivered to your home via Instacart. You even have the option of picking up your small animal care products at a select store's curbside pickup location.

Small Animal Care Near Me

Buy your favorite Small Animal Care online with Instacart. Order Small Animal Care from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about small animal care

When you want to take your small animal for supervised walks, you'll want to have the right size harness so that it fits securely around your small animal's body, yet snug enough so they can't slip out of it. If you decide that you want a collar, make sure it fits securely without choking the small animal.

You'll need a leash to go with your harness or collar, and you can either choose a leash with a set length or a retractable one, so your small pet has a bit of freedom. You also want to have the right feeding bowls, water tubes, and chew holders for your little pet's comfort.

While your pet mice, rat, ferret, guinea pig, gerbil, hamster, or reptile generally won't leave your home, they must get a checkup at the veterinarian's office at least once a year. How you transport your animal is crucial for their comfort and safety. Cardboard boxes aren't the best option, as your small pet may chew or gnaw on the cardboard and escape.

Choose a carrier that's appropriate for the animal's size so they can travel in comfort while staying secure. Hard plastic carriers are ideal, although soft carriers are a comfortable option. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a small animal travel carrier is that they are escape-proof and have plenty of ventilation. Adding a favorite toy, blanket, or even a T-shirt that you've worn can help them feel more comfortable in their travel carrier.

Each small animal requires different bedding options. Reptiles like to bask to get warm, some like to burrow, and others need a humid environment. Wood products make good bedding for reptiles, and they come in a variety of substrates such as shavings, pellets, or chips.

Small mammals like wood bedding and softer bedding, such as crumpled paper, crushed bamboo, or soft, dried hay. Ferrets enjoy resting in hammocks, and some small animals enjoy curling up in a plush bed. You want to look for bedding options that are easy to clean and have some form of odor control. If you prefer, you can even add scented pet bedding to your Instacart order.

We work with certain stores that carry specialized small animal care items and can deliver them to you within the same day. From the Instacart app or website, find a store nearby that Instacart delivers from and start adding items to your order. Our Instacart shoppers will gather your items and deliver them to you.

Certain stores even have curbside pickup locations for your convenience. Once your order is ready, you'll get a notification from Instacart. Drive to the designated parking area and use the number provided to let your Instacart shopper know you've arrived. Your Instacart shopper will then bring your small animal care items to your car and load them for you. Your shoppers do their best to find the exact item you're looking for, and if the store is out of stock, the shopper will contact you to see if you want a replacement item.

Placing your small animal care products order through Instacart can help you save time and money and make your day a little easier. Simply download the Instacart app today and get small animal care items delivered to your door or pick them up curbside at your local store.