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Classroom Supplies Delivery or Pickup

Classroom Supplies Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to classroom supplies

The right supplies can take a classroom to the next level, offering a vibrant, inviting place for students to learn. Whether you're a teacher searching for the essential tools to foster a great learning environment or you're a parent looking for ways to enhance your at-home setup, Instacart has you covered. 

Gone are the days of scouring different stores in person for all the supplies you need. Thanks to the selection of classroom supplies available via Instacart partner stores, you can save all that time. With all your favorite classroom products and brands available to order via the Instacart app, Instacart makes transforming your classroom easier than ever.

Classroom Supplies Near Me

Buy your favorite Classroom Supplies online with Instacart. Order Rulers, Math Sets, Classroom Decorations, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about classroom supplies

Compasses and protractors are basic tools for geometric drawing that students use in math classes.

You can use a protractor to measure angles as well as draw angles with specific measurements. A protractor is either a semicircle or a circle. Today's protractors are typically made from plastic.

You can use a compass to construct circles or copy segments without needing to measure anything. A compass is two legs on a hinge, with one leg ending in a point or spike to designate where you'll start a measurement or drawing. The other point will contain a pencil, a pen, or a clasp for holding a writing instrument.

Most protractors are semicircles with 180 degrees, so you need to flip the tool to draw or measure a complete circle. Compasses can draw circles with different diameters. All in all, these difference make protractors best suited to measuring and compasses best suited to drawing.

Decorations can create a classroom that's simultaneously fun and a place for learning. Some ideas include:
  • Start with the door: Your door creates a first impression, so you won't want to overlook this classroom component. Make sure your door is welcoming without creating a false impression. Your classroom is a place to work, after all. You can also use the back of a classroom door to reinforce concepts about behavior and organization.
  • Let your storage do double duty: Storage space and management keep your classroom organized so students stay on task. You can also use storage to decorate the setting. Using clear labels featuring images or text helps students know exactly where to put things after using them and can add a vibrant touch.
  • Consider themes: If you don't want to constantly redecorate your whole classroom around changing themes, you can designate a single space or wall to quickly flip.

If your kids are learning from home, you'll want to maximize your space to enhance learning opportunities. Some at-home hacks include:
  • Build your own desk: Put together two filing cabinets of the same size with flat, strong surfaces, and add wooden planks on top to separate the cabinets and create a seating area. You'll have a simple desk solution complete with room for more storage.
  • Leverage doors: You can use the backs of doors for educational tools such as dry erase boards or extra storage solutions.
  • Transform kitchen cabinets: If you're not using a cabinet for plates or pots, you have the perfect spot for extra school supplies.

Your first year teaching comes with plenty of excitement and challenges, and you might wonder how to identify must-have classroom supplies. From fun decorations to extra tools for kids who forget to bring their own supply set, having the right items on hand can go a long way. Some classroom supplies to stock up on include:
  • Decorations: You'll want a bulletin board, along with construction paper and borders to create your classroom theme.
  • Instructional supplies: Tools such as rulers and calculators, classroom library books, and curriculum and activity books help students learn.
  • Office supplies: From pencils, pens, and markers to lined paper, notepads, and index cards, you'll want to have an assortment of office supplies ready to go. Don't forget scissors, glue sticks, and tape.
  • Organizational supplies: Help kids (and yourself!) stay organized with pocket folders, storage crates, staplers, labels, and paper clips.
Whether you're a teacher looking for ways to enhance a classroom with educational tools and fun decorations or you're a parent seeking tools to encourage learning from home, shopping for classroom supplies shouldn't take too much time out of your schedule. Let Instacart make your day a little easier when you shop for classroom supplies today!