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Reptile Care Delivery or Pickup

Reptile Care Delivery or Pickup

About reptile care

Reptiles can make great pets, but they all have special needs for you to consider. Make sure you're well-prepared to accommodate all your reptile's needs with convenient home delivery of all your essential reptile care supplies through Instacart.

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FAQs about reptile care

If you're browsing reptile care supplies in preparation for a new pet, there are some key things that you need to consider. Reptiles can seem like small, simple pets, but there's a lot that goes into their care. When you're thinking about adding a reptile to your family, you should think about:
  • How big the reptile will get. A little 20in python can seem cute until it's grown to between 5-18ft in length.
  • What type of enclosure the animal will need. Prepare for the reptile's adult size, not its current needs.
  • What the reptile will need to eat. Many reptiles need to feed on live crickets and mealworms or killed mice, which are unpalatable options for some pet owners.
  • What is the proper climate. You need to handle temperature, lighting, and humidity carefully to keep a reptile alive and healthy.

Most reptiles do not need to eat daily. Smaller snakes eat twice a week, while a large snake may only eat once every week or two. Lizards may need to eat every 2-3 days. While a juvenile turtle will eat daily until it's about seven years old, adult turtles beyond this point will typically eat every other day.

There are many different types of reptiles, so it's best to consult with your veterinarian or another expert resource regarding the exact species and age of your reptile, so you can be sure you're meeting its nutritional needs. Instacart can help supply you with a variety of reptile foods including freeze-dried crickets and mealworms, reptile sticks, and aquatic turtle food.

Your reptile needs a well-maintained habitat that offers the appropriate climate. Reptiles cannot regulate their own body temperature, so they need to live in an area between 70-85°F. They also need access to basking areas that are over 100°F. Many lizards need access to special light bulbs that will help them produce vitamin D3. D3, in turn, will help your lizard absorb the proper amount of calcium. You must have an ultraviolet light bulb that's within 12in of the lizard to accomplish this.

It's typically best to decorate your reptile habitat with products made for this purpose. If you use rocks or driftwood from nature, you need to soak them in bleach to sanitize them, then soak them in water to remove the bleach. If your reptile has an aquatic habitat, you will need to include proper filtration to keep the water clean.

Reptiles need an enclosure that's large enough for them to comfortably move around. The specific requirements for your reptile will vary depending on its activity level and whether it spends a lot of time outside its enclosure. In general, most lizards and small snakes need a 20-gallon tank. A large snake may need anywhere from a 30-55 gallon terrarium. A turtle should have a 40-gallon tank.

For more specific guidelines, you can measure an adult reptile and research how much space is needed for that particular species. If you're getting a younger reptile, you'll need to determine how large it's expected to grow and prepare a habitat that's big enough for reptiles on the larger end of the spectrum for your species.

Each family's needs are different, but if you're looking for a social reptile that's easy to handle, a bearded dragon is one of the best choices. These easy-going reptiles are typically around 18in long and live for 8-12 years. Leopard geckos are another docile choice. These lizards will eat daily if you offer them food, but they can go for several days without eating if you're unavailable or forget to feed them. Leopard geckos are between 6.5-8in long and live for 6-10 years.

No matter what type of reptile you have, you can get all the reptile care supplies you need through Instacart. Enjoy the convenience of same-day delivery for your orders. This makes it possible to get everything you need in a matter of hours without having to find the time for a special trip to the store. Place your order through Instacart now.