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The Instacart buying guide to radios

Radios are some of the most commonly used devices daily. Even with advanced technology, radios are still part of people's lives. However, radios have advanced with technology to have multifunctional applications. Whether you're looking for a portable radio, an emergency radio, or a digital radio, Instacart has you covered. 

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FAQs about radios

Digital tuning uses an LCD screen to display your current frequency. In contrast, analog tuning uses a display range with a moving needle to confirm your position. Digital tuning is much more exact, but analog tuning allows you to scan an entire range faster. 

You'll find a variety of portable radios available. This selection will allow you to choose a radio that comes with a good speaker and a reliable signal for the location where you'll be listening.
  • Headset: Some headset models have a radio built into the headphones. 
  • Emergency radio: Emergency radios might come with a flashlight as well as a hand crank to power them. 
  • Clock radio: This radio comes with a built-in clock, allowing you to know the time and set the alarm. 
  • Sport radio: Sport radios are rugged and may also be waterproof. 
  • Pocket radio: This small radio can fit in your pocket and can transmit to Bluetooth headphones. 
Whether you're looking for a digital radio device or a small pocket radio, you can find an impressive selection of radios available at retailers near you via the Instacart app. You can find the right portable radio for you from many top brands.

"Good" is a relative term. Since high-quality speakers have become more affordable and smaller, the quality of pocket radio speakers has improved. However, a pocket radio probably won't sound like your desktop computer's speakers or your car's audio system. Browse a wide selection of radios and portable radios now and find the right radio for you with Instacart.

An FM radio transmission is tuned using built-in telescopic whip antennas. In contrast, an AM radio uses an internal antenna. To improve your reception, you can reposition the FM antenna while you turn the dial. Troubleshooting AM stations can be more challenging. Unfortunately, if you have a poor AM signal in your area, you won't be able to do too much to correct the issue.

Battery-operated radios are a must, of course, as long as you stock extra batteries for them in your home emergency kit. However, consider purchasing a radio that also accepts electricity from external sources, such as an AC adapter for when you have power, and comes with a hand crank when you don't. 

Emergency radios usually sip power and take little to run. Still, you increase the power it requires as you add features. If your emergency radio has extra add-ons that you want, make sure you can keep it running to fill its main duty: to keep you aware of advisories or alerts meant for you. If nothing else, ensure you can power your model with a hand crank.
Look for an emergency radio with the ability to receive signals from NOAA's Weather Radio All Hazards, a network of radio stations that broadcast regular weather information across the country directly from the nearest National Weather Service office. The signal covers all states in the United States, U.S. Pacific Territories, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. It's much more reliable compared to standard AM-FM radio or cell service.

Shopping for radios is easy on Instacart. You can filter your search by color, price, brand, top sellers, special offers, customer rating, keywords, and more to find the radio that best meets your needs.