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Office & Business Equipment Delivery or Pickup

Office & Business Equipment Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to office business equipment

The right workplace equipment is key to creating a safe, productive environment for everyone. Whether you're starting your own business or getting supplies for your office, Instacart has you covered. You don't need to waste precious work time scouring different stores for the office and business equipment your workplace requires. Thanks to Instacart, you'll find all the essentials in one easy-to-shop selection. The best part? With your favorite brands and products available for delivery in as little as 2 hours, Instacart helps you save time and money without sacrificing quality. Order office and business equipment on Instacart today.

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Buy your favorite Office & Business Equipment online with Instacart. Order Signage & Displays, Forms & Accounting, Office Boards, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about office business equipment

You might think you need safety equipment only in potentially dangerous places such as construction sites or labs, but that's simply not the case. Workplace injuries can occur even in standard office setups. Any employer should analyze problem areas that could create the potential for injury in the office and make sure to have some basic safety equipment on hand at all times. Some basic safety equipment includes:
  • Fire alarm.
  • Fire extinguisher to use in minor emergencies.
  • Gloves and hand protection to use for any cleanup that involves bodily fluids.
  • Ladders or stools to assist when placing items on higher shelves.
  • A stocked first-aid kit that includes bandages, cold packs, and disinfectants.
  • Warning signs to use on wet tiled areas or bathroom floors and for trip hazards.
Falling is a major source of workplace injuries. Having the right safety equipment ready to go can prevent minor injuries from becoming more problematic.

Even if you do a lot of online marketing and promotion for your business, an attention-grabbing sign goes a long way. You can even inspire people who had no intention to shop at your business to enter and make a purchase if you have an effective display.

Some factors to consider when choosing the right signage and displays for your business include:
  • Color: A compelling color plays a big part in creating an effective sign, helping to convey your brand's identity.
  • Readability: The contrast of a sign can determine how easy it is to read. You might look for a dark color on a light background or vice versa. Keep in mind that pairing similar hues can decrease readability.
  • Size: The size of the sign as well as its lettering is particularly important if you're displaying a sign at a distance, such as at a conference.

Whether you have a dedicated accountant for your business, use accounting software, or do all the work yourself, having the right forms can keep your business accounting organized. If your business sells a product, you'll want to have receipts to give to customers. Additionally, you'll need specific forms to help you track your business' finances. Some forms workplaces can use include:
  • Balance sheets.
  • Bank reconciliation forms.
  • Delivery dockets.
  • Employee timesheets.
  • Income statements.
  • Journal sheets.
  • Profit and loss forms.

If you rely on a dry erase board in your office, you know these very useful tools also lend themselves to annoying stains. Accidentally using a permanent marker or pen on a dry erase board can create a cleaning headache. Even leaving the right marker on for too long can make a stain. Some tricks for removing pesky stains include:
  • Use a dry-erase marker. Just use a new dry erase marker to cover the stain with more writing completely. Take a few seconds to let the marker dry, and then wipe the marks with a felt eraser or cloth. The dry ink will lift the permanent ink off the board.
  • Go with common household products. Certain household products can clean your whiteboard in a pinch, including hand sanitizer, vinegar, and hairspray.
  • Get a whiteboard cleaner. Cleaning your board every few days will have it looking its best.
Make your day a little easier by shopping for all the business essentials via Instacart. Instacart makes it easy to save time and money, so order office and business equipment through the Instacart app today!