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Sports Equipment and Gear Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to sports equipment

It's important to have the right sports equipment for your game so you can enjoy this type of recreation safely and effectively. Whether you need a large play ball for backyard fun, or you're purchasing high-quality gloves and bats to join the baseball team, you can get much of what you need through Instacart.

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Buy your favorite Sports Equipment and Gear online with Instacart. Order Snow Sports Equipment, Water Sports Equipment, Sports Balls, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about sports equipment

Once you've invested in sports equipment, you'll want to take the proper steps to keep it in good condition. Properly maintaining your sports equipment will help these products provide you with the best performance and longest life span.

You can wash items like shin guards and compact shoulder guards in the washing machine. Use the gentle cycle and toss some towels into the load as well to soften the agitation. When the wash cycle is over, hang the equipment up to dry. Most pieces that aren't suitable for the washing machine can be washed with soap and water, rinsed, and hung to dry.

Use specialty leather cleaners or saddle soaps to care for leather sports equipment. Follow the directions on the packaging for proper application.

Store your sports equipment in a dry place with low humidity. Never put equipment away while wet or damp. Allow items to dry completely first.

Apparel such as swim goggles or batting gloves improve sports performance as long as they're fitted correctly and in good condition. However, wearing gloves or goggles that are too large could hurt performance, creating an obstacle that you need to overcome.

Sports equipment that you carry, such as a football, baseball bat, or lacrosse stick, impacts your performance by changing how your body moves. This type of equipment puts a greater strain on the knees and other joints. These items extend your center line and may affect your balance. The trunk of the body must compensate for the addition.

Practice is crucial with any sports equipment. Never put a new item into use on the day of a big game. Take time to adjust to the way the item impacts your performance so you can compensate as needed to play your best game.

Sports equipment is essential for most games. If you don't have the right gear, you can't remain as competitive. Many types of sports equipment, such as helmets, mouth guards, and pads, will reduce your chance of injury.

In many cases, sports equipment is required just to play the game. You can't play baseball without a glove, baseball bat, and balls. The size, quality, and design play a big role in how these products impact your game. Having reliable, high-quality sports equipment is important if you take your game seriously and want to have the best performance possible.

If you're simply looking for recreational sports equipment for laid-back games and entertainment at home, performance is less important than simple fun. Items like rubber balls, inflatable pool rafts, and foam footballs are important simply for their ability to provide recreation and enjoyment.

If you're exploring different sports for yourself or your kids, it's helpful to look at the sports equipment you'll need for various games. Some sports are a bigger investment than others. Ice hockey requires the most equipment of any sport, with an extensive amount of protective gear as well as quality skates and hockey sticks. Lacrosse and football rank high for needing a lot of equipment as well. Again, these items are primarily protective.

Baseball is another fairly involved sport. Though there's less protective equipment, the players need a lot of other sports gear, including a bat and glove.

The least expensive sports are those that don't require a lot of sports equipment. Swimming tops the list with minimal equipment needs. Goggles are the only item that's essential for this sport. Track is another low-cost sport. Here, the primary investment is just your shoes.

If you're interested in a team sport, soccer has a fairly low investment price. You'll simply need a soccer ball, shoes, and shin guards for this game.

You can get the sports equipment that you need quickly and easily through Instacart. With same-day delivery, you'll have a convenient way to order essentials when you're too busy to make another trip to the store. Don't forget to add other handy items like sports drinks, bottled water, and healthy snacks to your cart. Place your Instacart order now!