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Networking Devices Delivery or Pickup

Networking Devices Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to networking devices

If you own a business or need to run an office out of your house, you may need to set up a network. Even if you don't use networking devices for business, perhaps you have a large family that uses several computers that require an internet connection at the same time.

To do this, you can combine several devices that make computing in your business or home much faster, easier, and more efficient. Instacart has low prices every day, on everything, so you can set up the ideal network for your needs while saving money.

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Buy your favorite Networking Devices online with Instacart. Order Routers, WiFi Range Extenders, Ethernet Switches, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs about networking devices

If you were asked to count the number of devices connected to your network, you would probably think about your laptops or desktop computers right away. However, what many don't realize is that the connected devices do not end there. In fact, the average household has about seven or more, and all of them are sharing one network.

Connected devices may include streaming media players, smart televisions, gaming consoles, home automation devices, tablets, smartphones, and more, and every member of the family may have several devices. With several devices connected at once, your network is doing a tremendous amount of heavy lifting.

You can buy a multi-band router via Instacart to connect more devices on your network without slowing everything down. Increasing bandwidth with Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 5 technology allows all your devices to move at the fastest rates.

These networking devices allow you to connect multiple computers to other computers or a network of devices. The difference between the three is how much each one can do.

Hubs can only send messages to all devices connected to them. Switches work the same way at first. In time, switches can "learn" where to deliver a message and individualize pathways for certain messages. Routers are the most complex and work almost like mini-computers. They can control where and how information is sent, making information sharing more efficient.

If you just want to connect multiple devices together, you can use a hub. If you want to have slightly more efficient information sharing, you can use a switch. If you need efficiency and speed because you're sharing plenty of information with many devices, you can opt for a router. Purchase a router, switch, or hub through Instacart to improve your network's performance.

Different modems support different internet speeds. Even if your internet service provider increases or updates your speed, an outdated modem may not be able to keep up. If the connection of your internet service provider comes through fiber or DSL, you can contact your service provider to find out if you have the best available modem.

Cable services have more selections for buying your modem, which may help you save money on rental fees. The best cable modem technology can support most speeds of internet service providers and will operate in lower-bandwidth situations while also allowing you to upgrade your service speed easily in the future. Order cable modem technology via Instacart to improve your modem's performance.

If you have purchased a single router, you can place it in the center of your house to cover around 30-40ft in all directions. Placing your router strategically can help you cover your space effectively. If you have more than one access point (from a mesh Wi-Fi system, for instance), keep those within 30-40ft of each other for the best speeds. Keep in mind that walls made of stucco, concrete, or brick can make it hard for Wi-Fi to pass through.

Although it's convenient to have all your devices connected to your network wirelessly, there are instances where you may want to make an exception. If you frequently play online games using a gaming console, a wired connection may get you a better performance. Also, you may want to keep your laptop connected wirelessly, but connect your desktop computer using a cable, especially if it is situated right next to your router. Since most routers have four built-in Ethernet ports, you can simultaneously take advantage of wired and wireless connections.

Find a variety of networking devices or accessories with Instacart. We have a variety of Ethernet cables, extenders, routers, and more. Plus, we can assist you in selecting the device that best suits your needs.