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Cat Care Delivery or Pickup

Cat Care Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to cat care products

Whether you're a first-time cat owner or you need a refresh of supplies for your longtime friend, Instacart makes shopping for your cat care supplies easy. Use our buying guide to learn what you might be able to find from pet care suppliers near you that can promote a healthy and happy life for your cat.

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Buy your favorite Cat Care online with Instacart. Order Cat Care from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about cat care products

Buying a scratching post for your cat and watching your cat choose the couch next to it to sharpen its claws is disheartening. You can experiment with a few techniques to train your cat to use the scratching post.
  • Choose a better spot. If you place the scratching post in a corner or someplace your cats don't spend time, consider moving it closer to where your cat enjoys scratching.
  • Remove access to usual scratching spots. Try to block off spots that your cat has grown accustomed to clawing at in your home. For example, if your cat is clawing the arm of a sofa, you can place a blanket over the spot to dissuade it. If a cat fixates on a spot on the carpet, even better — put the scratching post there.
  • Put catnip on the post. If your cat loves catnip, throw a pinch or two on the post.

If your kitten or cat uses the bathroom outside the litter box, you can try a few techniques to help your cat make the switch. However, the reason your cat isn't using the litter box may be a medical issue rather than a behavioral one. If you think it's a behavioral problem, try one of the following tactics:
  • Litter box problems: Your cat may not like the type of litter box you got for it. The cat might not like the placement of the litter box either. Find out whether the litter box is clean enough; cats generally prefer clean areas.
  • Competitive cats: If you have multiple cats in your household, your cat could be trying to assert its dominance over the area. Or perhaps your cat has claimed dominance over the litter box, and the cat using the floor is blocked from using the litter box.

Finding a toy that your cat loves might take a little exploration, but you should keep some points in mind as you conduct your search. Don't choose a toy with any small parts that your cat can remove and potentially swallow. If your cat is in the habit of biting and chewing on something until the toy begins to break apart, choose a sturdier toy. 

Consider the following toy ideas your cat may love:
  • Toys that mimic animals: Cats are natural hunters. Find a toy that features synthetic feathers, wool, or fur to give your cat more of the hunting experience.
  • Electronic toys. You'll find plenty of electronic toys designed for cats. However, be sure to allow your cat to play with them only while you're supervising your pet.
  • Puzzle toys. You can place treats inside some toys and let your cats try to figure out how to remove them. This interactive toy gives them a goal that can keep them entertained and happy.
Save yourself the time — and money — it takes to go to a pet store and locate all the items you need to provide your cat with its essential care items. Download the Instacart app or visit the Instacart website. If you find a retailer that offers what you need, you can fill up your virtual cart and let an Instacart shopper help you with the shopping. Depending on the store you choose, you'll have the option of ordering for pickup or delivery to make your cat care supply run easier.