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Outdoors Equipment Delivery or Pickup

Outdoors Equipment Delivery or Pickup

Tips on how to buy outdoors equipment

If you like to enjoy the great outdoors, you'll want to make sure you have the right equipment on hand for your adventures. Whether you're planning a solo escape, or you're going on a trip with family and friends, you can purchase many of the essentials through Instacart. Follow these tips to make sure you're well-equipped with everything you need.

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FAQs about outdoors equipment

A cooler is a great piece of outdoor equipment for everything from soccer games to camping trips. Needs vary greatly depending on your intended use. Cooler capacity is often stated in quarts. Some general guidelines to help you understand cooler capacity are:
  • 20-quart cooler: 18 cans.
  • 40-quart cooler: 59 cans.
  • 60-quart cooler: 94 cans.
If you're carting more than 12oz cans, you'll need to consider how much space your food and ice need. A cooler between 17-35 quarts will hold a picnic for two, snacks for three or four, or a large individual lunch. A cooler between 36-59 quarts is good for a family picnic, a weekend of drinks for one or two people, or day trip snacks for a small group. If you have a 60- to 99-quart cooler, you can stash a weekend of family camping supplies or drinks for a large tailgating event.

When choosing a flashlight, it's important to get the right tool for the task. If your flashlight is underpowered, you'll be left in the dark when you want more illumination. A light that's overpowered can be annoying to others. The brightness of a flashlight is measured in lumens. The best way to understand a lumen is to think of a birthday candle. One candle, one foot away emits one lumen. Consider these guidelines for your outdoor equipment:
  • 10-25 lumens: Household flashlight.
  • 35-60 lumens: Camping flashlight.
  • 90-150 lumens: Tactical flashlight.
The inclusion of a reflector will make your flashlight brighter, so you can opt for a product on the lower end of that range. Keep in mind that the more lumens your light has, the faster it will go through batteries. While you want to have sufficient lumens, don't go overboard or your flashlight will wear out your batteries more than necessary.

To choose the proper size for your umbrella, you need to determine what you'll use it for. Umbrellas have a few basic measurements. The umbrellas' diameter is the distance from one edge to the opposite edge across the bottom. The arc is the distance from one edge to the other over the top of the umbrella. The height of the umbrella is measured from the bottom of the handle to the top of the umbrella at the center peak.

A personal rain umbrella typically has a diameter between 21-25in. A child's umbrella is smaller, usually measuring 11-19in. A golf umbrella is larger, so it can protect the golfer and his clubs. A golf umbrella is usually 25-34in in diameter. If you're purchasing a patio umbrella, select one with an extra two feet of coverage beyond each side of your table or seating area.

If you're looking for a spacious camping experience, you should allow about 30 square feet of space per person. You may be able to go with as little as 20 square feet of space if you don't mind a cozier camping environment, or if you're camping with small children. Most families are comfortable with two fewer people than what a tent is rated for. For example, an adult couple will usually want a four-person tent, while a family of four will be most comfortable in a six-person tent.

A cabin-style tent is more spacious inside, with steep walls that allow many campers to stand comfortably in the tent. A dome-style tent has sloping walls that will require you to kneel around the edges. What you lose in space, you make up for in stability. Wind and rain present less of a problem for dome-style tents.

You can purchase tents, coolers, flashlights, and other outdoors equipment easily through Instacart. With home delivery in as little as two hours, you can use the Instacart app or website to quickly order anything that you forgot while you dedicate your time to packing rather than running to the store. Check out your options with Instacart now.