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About charging devices

People rely heavily on their electronic devices to stay productive, entertained, and connected. Mobile electronics need charging devices, and you can choose from a range of types and styles. Finding the right charging devices allows you to keep your devices fully powered and ready for use when the mood strikes.

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FAQs about charging devices

As you shop for charging devices, you may see wireless devices. A wireless charging device is a battery pack that connects to your phone or tablet via a receiver induction coil installed in the back of the device. The charging device contains a transmitter coil. When you place your mobile device on the pack, the coil generates an electromagnetic field that's converted to electricity through the process of electromagnetic induction.

You can buy wireless charging pads, stands, and cases, each designed to charge your device without the use of cables or cords. A charging pad works well on a desktop or tabletop, while a stand may work well on your nightstand beside your bed to charge your phone at night. Wireless charging cases keep the battery charged while also protecting your device from damage.

Power banks are useful to have, although you may wonder which size you need. These mobile battery packs are rated by mAh, which stands for ampere-hour. This unit of electric charge refers to how much power is transferred by a steady current of one ampere flowing for one hour. The common sizes for power banks range from 2,000mAh up to 12,000mAh. 

A 5,000mAh battery pack can charge a typical smartphone up to 1 1/2 times, while a 10,000mAh pack may charge your phone up to three times. If you plan to charge a tablet or another device that requires more power, you should choose a larger power bank.

When you start comparing charging devices, you may also find that you need a new cable or two to connect your mobile device to the charging device you select. However, knowing which cable your device uses can be a challenge. You can start by checking your phone or tablet's user manual, which should indicate what type of cable to use for charging. Performing an online search may also yield results since many user manuals for modern devices are available on the manufacturer's website.

Some of the most common charging cables for Android devices include micro-USB and USB-C. Apple devices use a USB-C to Lightning charging cable, which is different from the cable used by Android devices. If you're unsure which cable to buy, explore options that include multiple connectors on the same cord.

To charge wirelessly, a mobile device must include a transmitter coil made of copper. Not all devices contain this coil, and it's rare to find wireless charging capability in devices that are more than a few years old. Apple added wireless charging to the iPhone X, and this functionality is also available in the iPhone 8 and the models that came after this iPhone version. The first Android phone with wireless charging functionality was the Droid Charge, which came out in 2011. Samsung's first phone with wireless charging was released in 2015.

Magnets and accessories placed on the back of the phone can block the wireless charging signal. If you don't place your case properly on your phone, it can interfere with the phone's signal as well. When you place your device on a wireless charging pad, it should vibrate, make a sound, or illuminate an icon to indicate that the device's battery is charging.

When you need new charging devices, you don't have to leave the comfort of home to find them. Use Instacart to browse retailers in your area and find the charging accessories you need to keep your devices powered and ready for use. When you place your order, Instacart shoppers get to work to fulfill your request and deliver your new charging devices directly to your door, often within two hours of order submission.