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The Instacart guide to vermouth products

You might be surprised to learn that vermouth is technically not a spirit but a wine. As a fortified wine, it has extra alcohol added to increase its alcohol level (measured as alcohol by volume, or ABV). Depending on the style, it's infused with spices, herbs, and roots. Originating from France and Italy, vermouth was designed to help people manage medical issues such as unsettled stomachs. Its use rose in popularity as an apéritif, and before Prohibition in the United States, it outsold table wine.

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FAQs about vermouth

While cognac can sit on your shelf for months and uncorked wine needs to be consumed rather quickly, vermouth's life span lands somewhere in the middle. Once you open the bottle, vermouth holds up better than wine but not quite as long as cognac. Because it's a wine and not a spirit, vermouth oxidizes over time. Oxidation doesn't benefit the vermouth, so avoid setting an opened bottle on a shelf and forgetting it.

The best place to keep vermouth is in the refrigerator, and you should consume an open bottle within three months. An unopened bottle can keep for 3-4 years after bottling, and you should store the bottle at room temperature.

When searching for the best foods to pair with vermouth, the possibilities are endless whether you're drinking a dry or sweet version. This beverage goes well with just about any tapas foods, including flatbreads, breadsticks, and nuts. Serve it with antipastos such as olives or artichokes. If you're a cheese lover, you'll be happy to know that dry vermouth pairs well with hard cheeses such as blue cheese, while sweet works with drier ones such as pecorino. You can also enjoy cured meats with vermouth as well as a variety of fresh seafood, including oysters, crabs, and prawns.