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Rice Wines for Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to rice wine

When you think of wine, you generally envision a fermented beverage made from grapes or another type of fruit. Although rice wine checks the fermentation box, it isn't made from fruit. Instead, this wine variety is made from glutinous rice, a grain.

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FAQs about rice wine

First, be sure to purchase a drinking sake rather than a cooking sake. The latter often has added seasonings and a lower alcohol content. In contrast, drinking sake usually has 18% to 20% alcohol content.

Next, use the right glasses. If you're planning to sip sake, use a small drinking glass. While you can chill many types of sake before drinking, most taste best at room temperature.

Pour your sake correctly. Proper sake etiquette requires you to fill others' cups but not your own. Another member of your group should fill your cup.

Take care to serve sake at the right time. Most people enjoy drinking it with appetizers and sashimi. It's also popular as a special-occasion drink, such as at weddings or other major celebrations.

Don't hesitate to get creative. Sake works well as an ingredient in martinis, mojitos, and other cocktails.

When you shop for cooking ingredients, it's easy to confuse rice wine and rice vinegar. After all, both items can add ample flavor to your recipes. However, rice wine and rice vinegar have some key differences:
  • While you can sip many kinds of rice wine, rice vinegar is always used for cooking. It's most commonly used to make sushi rice.
  • Rice vinegar is sweeter and milder than your typical white vinegar. It can easily replace white vinegar in recipes, especially salad dressings and soups.
  • Many varieties of rice vinegar include seasonings that add even more flavor to your dishes. Salt and sugar are the most common types of rice vinegar seasonings.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to purchase rice wine in a few different types of stores. Many states allow rice wine sales in:
  • Wine Shops: These specialty shops often have the widest selection of rice wine, especially if you want to buy sake.
  • Grocery Stores: Supermarkets often have generous rice wine selections, especially if you're looking for cooking options.
  • Warehouse Clubs: These shopping outlets tend to sell larger bottles of rice wine, which can be convenient for pouring drinks at parties or making larger quantities of a favorite recipe.
Although Instacart allows rice wine sales in most states, you should be prepared to complete a few additional steps when you order. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase rice wine via Instacart, and you must show your ID when your shopper delivers the order. Shop your favorite local stores and get same-day delivery when you order sake, mirin, or Shaoxing via Instacart.