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About smelt

Smelt is a type of small fish that offers a delicate, smooth flavor. Each piece of smelt is usually not much larger than eight inches long and is usually bought in large quantities. It is most often sold frozen but can be found fresh in some areas. The type of smelt you find will vary significantly based on where you live. Atlantic Coast fishermen most often find rainbow smelt, whereas fishermen on the Pacific Coast supply whitebait smelt.

Whitebait smelt is a phrase often used to describe a diverse collection of different types of smelt fish. Smelt is also unique in that it frequently travels back and forth from fresh to salt water and can be sourced year-round. Many fishermen ice fish for smelt during the winter months, meaning it is usually easy to find regardless of your area. This can make it an affordable and reliable fish to incorporate into your meals.

Smelt is not only easy to prepare and requires minimal preparation, but it also offers health benefits. Smelt offers the following:
  • High levels of nutrients: Smelt is high in phosphorus, vitamin B12, and Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also low in mercury.
  • Medium levels of other nutrients: Smelt can also be a good source of copper, calcium, and zinc, nutrients that are important to your overall health.
  • Supplies 30 percent of daily protein needs: A small, three-ounce serving of smelt can also supply you with as much as 30 percent of your daily protein needs.
  • Low calorie: Smelt is a low-fat fish, low in calories, making it a good snack for those following a weight management plan.

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