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About salsify

Despite its appearance that resembles a brown stick, salsify (SAL-se-fee) is an edible Mediterranean vegetable. It can grow to 12 inches in length, with its shape tapering slightly to a small point near the stem end. Its history dates back to when the ancient Romans and Greeks used it for medical purposes, usually for liver and gallbladder issues. The Spanish also reportedly used it to treat snake bites. With the advent of refrigeration, this root vegetable's popularity grew since people could preserve it.

Salsify's had many names over the years, including "purple goat's beard," "vegetable oyster," and "oyster plant," since it produces a slight oyster flavor when cooked. As a relative of the parsnip, it belongs to the dandelion family and comes in black and white varieties. You might come across black salsify called "scorzonera," which has dark, almost smooth skin, while white salsify has brown or tan skin with more hair than the other type. Both types have cream-colored and firm flesh.

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