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Oaxaca Cheese for Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to Oaxaca cheese products

With so many different types of cheeses available, how does one choose the perfect melty cheese? If cheese dips are a favorite, look no further than Oaxaca cheese. Oaxaca (pronounced Wah-ha-ka) cheese is a semi-hard cheese that is stretchy and creamy. When heated, it is the perfect melty cheese for cheese dips, nachos, chicken enchiladas, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwich, or soup. Long strands of cheese will follow your fork or spoon when eating Oaxaca cheese! 

Oaxaca has a mild, buttery taste, so it pairs nicely with spicy Mexican foods. This mild taste makes it a great snacking cheese too. It is quite versatile, so it can be a snack by itself or baked into a dish.

Oaxaca cheese is popular for dips. Hint: do not use shredded versions for dips. Use the Oaxaca cheese ball or rope segments.  A homemade dip is the quintessential Mexican side dish that can be used in various ways: on top of tacos, burrito bowls, enchiladas, tamales, and taquitos.  

To perfectly melt the cheese, heat it with half & half or milk on the stove top. Adding the milk allows the cheese to become soft and melt. Just simmer it because too much heat can add a crust along the edges. Then add green chiles, diced tomatoes, or cilantro to the dip. Dips can also be made in a slow cooker and kept soft for longer periods of time. The cheese tends to stay creamier with the even warming of a slow cooker. Be sure to stir it up occasionally. If microwaving the cheese, be sure to stir it at least halfway through for more even heating.

Oaxaca Cheese Near Me

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FAQs about Oaxaca cheese

A common substitute is Asadero cheese from the northern part of Mexico. It is like Oaxaca cheese, just a bit drier.  If Asadero is unavailable, another good substitute is mozzarella, which is widely available in most stores. Mozzarella is a common Italian cheese. Mozzarella labeled as low moisture closely resembles Oaxaca cheese. While mozzarella can be made with cow's milk or buffalo milk, Oaxaca cheese is made from cow's milk. Muenster or Monterey jack are also great substitutes for Oaxaca cheese.

A: Most cheeses can be frozen, and some freeze better than others. It is recommended that you only freeze cheese that is meant to be used in cooked dishes rather than eaten fresh, as the freezing process can change the texture. 

Oaxaca cheese can be found in the specialty cheese section or the refrigerated cheese aisle of most stores. Save yourself some time and order via the Instacart app and add it to your cart. Once the order is complete and submitted, an Instacart shopper will fill your order and deliver it right to your door, with same-day delivery when possible!  So, relax while an Instacart shopper does the work for you.