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The Instacart guide to Fortune apples

About Fortune apples

There's a good chance that you have probably eaten one thinking it was either a McIntosh or Gala apple when it comes to Fortune apples. Fortune apples came about in the 1990s as the result of crossing the Empire apple with the Schoharie Spy apple at Cornell University's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY. 

Fortune apples are red in color with green streaks or blotches that peek through. The unique taste ranges from sweet and tart to spicy and bitter (near the core). These types of apples are available throughout the fall and winter months, making them the perfect choice for holiday pies and crisps. An added bonus to Fortune apples is that they can last for up to four months when stored correctly.

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FAQs About Fortune Apples

Although many people are familiar with Fortune apples and really enjoy their old-fashioned taste, it's true that commercially they haven't really been seen as a top choice. Many farmers and agriculturists believe their lack of popularity may be because they are biennial producers. 

Biennial-bearing fruit trees mean that sometimes the tree bears a consistently heavy amount of fruit, while the following year, it could produce way less. In a sense, it's like the tree used all its energy up by producing the heavy amount of fruit that it is depleted the next year and needs to rest until the following year after that. This timeline obviously can be problematic for farmers and those in the agriculture industry.

Once your tree's roots are in the ground, and you're waiting for it to grow, hold off on fertilizing right away. Give the roots some time to do their job. Apple trees are usually only fertilized three times a year during the growing season.

As the tree begins to grow, make sure that you maintain the tree by trimming any diseased or damaged limbs that could make the tree bear ill fruit. This is sometimes referred to as pruning the trees, and people swear it is essential to overall health and fruit production.
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