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Blonde (Golden) Ale Beers for Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to blonde ale

Blonde ale is one of the most approachable malt-based ale beverages. It falls somewhere between pale ale and Kolsch, which is a lighter version of pale ale. Due to its golden color, this easy-drinking malt beverage is also known as golden ale. It can be topped with added flavors such as clove, cinnamon, other spices and herbs, honey, or fruit extracts. 

Also, there isn't any hard rule about the kind of yeast used. Blonde ale can be fermented with any yeast type. The pale color of blonde ale usually falls in the range of 3-7 SRM (standard reference method). In terms of bitterness, you can expect 15-25 IBU (international bitterness units). Blonde ale is also characterized by an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 4.1-5.1%.

It's tempting to assume that different beer cultures develop independently and do not influence one another. However, in reality, all countries that enjoy malt-based beverages — including Germany, Belgium, the U.K., and the U.S. — continue to exchange brewing techniques. 

Pale beers are also known as "blonde" in countries like France, Brazil, and Belgium. Although blonde ales will always be pale, their taste may be totally different due to native influences and locally sourced ingredients.

Blonde and Golden Ales Near Me

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FAQs about blonde ale

Although their similar names might confuse buyers, there is a slight difference. Belgian-style golden strong ales are a stronger, more potent version of blonde ales. Their origin is similar, though. Many beverages, including Belgian-style golden strong ale and Belgian-style Tripel, developed out of blonde ale.

Blonde ale is essentially a hybrid beer, as it can be made with either lager or ale yeast. A warm fermentation process is used for lager yeast, while cold fermentation is used with ale yeast. Dry hops are added to both of these fermented products, and after a couple of days, they are ready to be packed.

Blonde ale goes well with spaghetti and meatballs, pepper jack cheese, and sugar cookies. Blonde ales should be served in tulip glassware, as this shape traps the sweet aromatic taste of blonde ale and helps it maintain a lively head. Ideally, blonde ale should be served at 45-50°.

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