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The Instacart guide to Rose apples

About Rose apples

Despite their name, Rose apples aren't really apples at all. They are a distinct type of fruit that bears very little resemblance to their namesake. Rose apples are egg-shaped fruits around 1-11/2 inches long and between 1-2 inches wide. They have smooth, waxy skin that can be green, red, pink, white, or purple. Underneath the thin skin is a white spongy flesh that's a bit dry. In the center of the Rose apple is a hollow cavity that holds anywhere from one to four seeds.

This tropical fruit has a slightly sweet flavor and distinctive floral aroma that offers a hint of rose in the taste, hence its name. Rose apples are also known as Wax apples, Water apples, Cloud apples, and Malay apples. 

Rose apples are high in dietary fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C. They contain iron, potassium, calcium, niacin, thiamin, and sulfur as well. Rose apples may aid digestion, lower blood pressure, and keep blood sugar levels under control. Though this is a relatively rare fruit that has not been researched thoroughly, its nutritional profile makes it a relatively healthy choice to add to your diet.

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FAQs About Rose Apples

The Rose apple is native to Malaysia and India. It is naturalized to the Pacific Islands, Ceylon, and India. Today, you can also find Rose apples in Jamaica, the West Indies, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Australia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Panama, Honduras, and much of southern Mexico. In the United States, Rose apples can grow in Hawaii, California, and Florida. Rose apples thrive in tropical climates.

Rose apples are often grown as ornamental plants and are not often cultivated for their fruit. They can be tricky and will not produce fruit in all climates. In some places, Rose apples are considered an invasive species due to the speed at which they can grow and overtake other plant life.

The Rose apple and Pacific Rose apple are different types of fruit, but easily confused. The Pacific Rose apple is actually an apple variety. This is a cross between the Splendour apple and Gala apple. The Pacific Rose apple has a thin skin and sweet, crisp flavor. You can consume and use Pacific Rose apples the same way that you would use other apples.

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