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The Instacart guide to white sapote

About white sapote

Classified as Casimiroa Edulis, white sapote is a member of the Rutaceae family. Other fruits found in this family include acai, maqui berry, bergamot orange, and grapefruit. The trees that bear the white sapote fruit can grow quite tall, often over 30 feet. White sapote trees are evergreen, and the fruit grows year-round.

In Mexico, white sapote is called "zapote blanco", and in the native tongue of the ancient Aztec peoples of Southern Mexico, they called the fruit "tzapotl", which meant sweet soft fruit. White sapote fruit is low in acid and pairs nicely with citruses such as lemon, orange, or lime.

With a custard-like filling and flavors reminiscent of peach, banana, caramel, and vanilla, white sapote is a fruit that grows in subtropical climates. The round fruit has white or light yellow skin with two seeds in the center of the fruit.

Many people describe the fruit as having a custard-type texture with sweet stone fruit flavors. You can easily eat white sapote flesh right from the rind by tossing out the seeds and scooping the delicate flesh out with a spoon. You can also use white sapote in fruit salads or as a topping over yogurt or ice cream. The soft, delicate fruit bruises easily, so it's best to eat white sapote soon after bringing the fruit home.

White sapote trees have grown wild in subtropical regions for thousands of years. The trees are native to Central Mexico, Central America, Costa Rica. As explorers from other parts of the world discovered these regions, they brought the delicious white sapote back with them. The trees now grow prolifically throughout the Caribbean islands, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean region. 

In the 1800s, Franciscan monks traveling to California brought white sapote with them, where the fruit was well received. Today, white sapote trees are grown by small cultivators, and you can usually find the fruit at the farmer's market or in specialty produce stores.

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