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The Instacart guide to epazote

About epazote

Epazote is often added to beans to help reduce flatulence caused by certain compounds in beans that can cause gastric distress. Epazote contains a 70% concentration of ascaridole, which helps to deter intestinal gas. The scent and taste of epazote vary among people. Some say it has a lemony scent and flavor; others say it has a peppery and herby taste similar to arugula. And others get a strong gasoline or creosote scent and flavor. Epazote is an herb you'll want to try for yourself to see if you like it.

Epazote (pronounced eh-pah-ZOH-teh), sometimes called Mexican Tea, is an aromatic perennial herb used in Mexican and Central American cooking. People who live in the Mexican state of Oaxaca and along the Yucatan Peninsula of Southern Mexico use epazote for everyday cooking. Epazote has a strong, pungent aroma and flavor and may take some time to become accustomed to. The flavor profile of epazote has notes of anise, citrus, mint, and even a bit of creosote.

Epazote is classified as Dysphania Ambrosioides, and is in the Amaranthaceae family. Epazote can grow up to three feet tall and has long, pointy leaves. Flowers bloom along the apex of the stem, and the seeds ripen in the fall. Cultivators of epazote harvest the leaves and stem and send them to the market in fresh form.

Due to its strong scent and terpene compounds (the same compounds found in creosote), epazote makes a good companion plant in the garden. The terpene can mask the scent of nearby plants to keep harmful insects away.  Epazote grows year-round in temperate climates and can often yield multiple harvests. Both the pointy leaves and stem of the epazote plant are consumed for cooking or as a medicinal tea.

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FAQs About Epazote

Epazote is low in calories and contains significant amounts of folic acid, which helps to promote healthy red blood cell production. Epazote also has large amounts of manganese that help build connective tissues. Other essential minerals found in epazote include calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc. Epazote has trace amounts of Vitamin C. Please keep in mind that ingesting epazote in large quantities is often toxic, so use small amounts.

When you're cooking a pot of dried beans, add a small amount of fresh or dried epazote to the cooking water to help aid with digestion. You can layer fresh epazote leaves inside of quesadillas, tamales, or enchiladas for an authentic-tasting Mexican accent. Add fresh or dried epazote to scrambled eggs with chopped green onions or add it to seafood soup or stew.

Basic Mexican Beans

  • 1-pound dried beans
  • 1/2 of a medium sweet white onion
  • 2 cloves garlic 
  • 3 quarts of filtered water
  • 1 sprig chopped epazote

Soak the beans overnight, then rinse well. Add the beans, water, onion, and garlic to a soup pot. Bring to a boil and then simmer for about one to two hours until the beans are soft. Just before the beans are finished cooking, add the sprig of chopped epazote. Add salt to taste and enjoy.
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