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French Green Beans Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to French green beans

About French green beans

When shopping for green beans in the market, you'll find two options—green beans and French green beans, which are also called haricots verts in French. You may notice the two green beans don't look exactly alike. So, what is the difference between regular green beans and French green beans? French green beans are skinnier than traditional green beans, and they are usually more tender and flavorful. French green beans are picked earlier, so they are younger, giving them their signature flavor. If they were picked around the same time regular green beans are, you would notice a flavor difference. 

In France, all green beans are called haricots verts. There are even skinnier versions called haricots verts filets extra-fins. If you order green beans in a restaurant, you are likely getting regular green beans unless the menu denotes haricots verts or French green beans. Both green beans and haricots verts share the same scientific name, Phaseolus Vulgaris. 

Preparing French green beans is simple. You should wash the beans in cold water before cutting and cooking. Trim both ends, but keep the beans whole. Keeping them whole will help retain their crispiness and sweetness. 

Don't have any French green beans, but want some for dinner tonight? Open your Instacart app, and you'll find a selection of French green beans you can add to your cart. When you order through Instacart, you could have your order in time for dinner this evening. Your Instacart shopper will try to get your groceries delivered in as little as 2 hours! You concentrate on the rest of your menu preparation, and we'll do our best to get your groceries delivered the same day!

French Green Beans Near Me

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FAQs About French Green Beans

String bean is another name for green beans. They are often called that due to the strings you find along the membrane. However, you see these less frequently, so most green beans are stringless these days. Since they are the same as green beans, string beans would be longer and larger than French green beans. 

Cutting French green beans is done in the same manner as for regular green beans. Start by washing your beans under cool tap water in a colander. Make sure to clean off all the dirt. Toss them to shake off excess water. Put a small handful of green beans on a cutting board and line up the tips. Carefully chop the tips, avoiding your fingers. To trim the bottom ends, repeat the process and line the beans at the bottom end. Transfer them to a pot or bowl. Repeat the process with the next handful of beans, trimming the entire batch. 

Boiling French green beans is a popular cooking method, but you can also cook them in the microwave. The best option is to steam them in the microwave. Start by putting the beans in a microwave-safe bowl with about two tablespoons of water. Place a lid or plate on top. The idea is to trap the steam inside the bowl. Start by cooking them for one minute 30 seconds. Be careful when removing the lid or plate as the steam will escape. There should be added water in the bowl from the beans now. If not, add a little more water as you will cook them for another minute. 
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