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The Instacart guide to tempeh products

An Indonesian fermented food traditionally made from soybeans, tempeh is comparable to beef in terms of protein. It's also low in saturated fat, high in fiber, and has no cholesterol. Compared to tofu, tempeh has a higher protein content as well as more dietary fiber and vitamins. The texture of tempeh is also firmer and its flavor is stronger.

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FAQs about tempeh

Yes, tempeh is a probiotic food because it contains bacteria that are beneficial to the human digestive system. It's considered a living culture, so you might notice that its packaging includes air to allow the culture to continue to grow. Once all the oxygen is used up, the culture will stop growing. The main bacteria in tempeh is Rhizopus Oryzae. Tempeh also produces a natural antibiotic that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the body.