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About kale sprouts

Kale sprouts, also called "Lollipop Kale," "Kalettes," or "flower sprouts," are similar to the Brussels sprout. This is because the kale sprout was, in fact, created by crossing the Brussels sprout with Russian red kale. Lollipop Kale and Kalettes are brand names for kale sprouts, though there are no restrictions on growing and distributing kale sprouts as a generic vegetable.

Over the last ten years, kale sprouts have been showing up in grocery stores and restaurant menus with increasing regularity. Kale sprouts have a dark green, veiny petal, wrapped around a Brussels sprout pod. The flavor is a blend of Brussels sprout and kale stalk. As a Brassica Oleracea family member, kale sprouts are related to collards, kohlrabi, and cauliflower. They get harvested during the early shooting stage. Since the sprouting process takes time, kale sprouts aren't as widely available as the Brussels sprout.

Dr. Jamie Claxton created the first kale sprout hybrid plant in Britain in 1995. Tozer scientists took the development from there, and in 2010, they began marketing kale sprouts around the world under the name "Kalletes." Across the pond in Salinas, California, John Moore's company Salad Savoy started to market his kale sprouts under the name "Lollipop Kale" in 2012. Despite the kale sprout's origin in Europe, the United States represents the largest market for kale sprouts today.

The kale sprout has an earthy sweetness and a firm yet leafy texture. You can use kale sprouts in antipasto plates with rich, sweet, or spicy sauces, or you can slice them for sauteing with pasta and vegetables. You can roast them in duck fat or olive oil like you do Brussels sprouts, and top them with meat for a savory side dish. You can even skewer kale sprouts and grill them for delicious beef, chicken, or vegetable kabobs. Whole kale sprouts also have a lovely color and shape, which makes them useful for plate presentations.

In your backyard garden, kale sprouts ripen in the fall and early winter. You can harvest them when the first leaves blossom around their tiny inner head. Besides personal gardening, kale sprouts are cultivated year-round for commercial sale. The florets open in a flowerlike fashion to about 2 inches in diameter. Several varieties are planted, for separate harvesting in the early, mid, and late seasons. Dry climates require their fertilization and irrigation for optimal growth.

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FAQs About Kale Sprouts

Yes. Kale sprouts are a great source of Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and folic acid. Just 4 oz. of kale sprouts has twice the amount of B6 and Vitamin C than regular Brussels sprouts. Vitamin C has been linked to promoting healthy skin, bone, and cartilage, and also boosts the body's immune system. Kale sprouts are rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent certain types of cancer.

The production of kale sprouts begins in much the same way as that of bean sprouts and broccoli sprouts. They germinate in water from a seed and sprout a tiny leaf and a crisp, white shoot. At this stage, kale sprouts appear much the same as bean sprouts. They can be eaten safely, typically added to a salad or tossed into a stir fry.

Yes. Like all vegetables, you should wash your kale sprouts regardless of whether you intend to eat them raw or cook them. Sometimes, farmers use chemical solutions to treat plants for disease prevention and insect protection. As with anything that grows from the ground, you may find dirt, debris, and even insects on your kale sprouts. A gentle wash in cool water will remove most foreign substances. You can also add some mild dish soap in your washing water to help insects and dirt fall away.
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