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About Honeygold apples

Despite its similar name to Honeycrisp apples, Honeygold apples are not related. Honeygold apples were developed in 1970 at the University of Minnesota to withstand colder temperatures in the northern areas. Researchers crossed the Golden Delicious with a Haralson to obtain a Golden Delicious-style fruit with the cold hardiness of a Haralson. The result is a medium to large round apple with smooth, golden-yellow skin.

Its taste is similar to that of a Golden Delicious but tends to be a little sweeter and crisper. Its taste is said to be like a Golden Delicious with a touch of honey.

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FAQs About Honeygold Apples

Since they have a Golden Delicious-type flavor, Honeygold apples can be used much the same way that Golden Delicious apples can be enjoyed. Honeygolds are excellent eating apples and work well in salads, and you can opt to enjoy them with or without the skin. Keeping the skin on the apple provides you additional health benefits. When pureed, they can be added to smoothies, while squeezing them produces a delicious cider.

You can also turn them into applesauce and different types of baking dishes. They keep their shape when baked, which makes them ideal for pies, cakes, tarts, crisps, and breads. Another option is to cook them down into preserves and butters.

Yes, you can freeze Honeygold apples rather easily. However, after thawing, the texture changes slightly, so it's best to use the apples either pureed and added to a smoothie or used baked goods instead of eating them raw.

Simply peel and core the apples, and then slice them into either segments or bite-size pieces. Soak them in a lemon juice bath for a few minutes, and drain. This step prevents the apples from turning brown once thawed. Arrange the apples on a baking sheet, and freeze for at least four hours. Transfer to a freezer-safe bag or container. The frozen apples will keep for up to one year.

You've probably heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but Honeygold apples do more than just that. These exceptionally healthy fruits have numerous health benefits, making them a smart choice to add to your diet. With a diameter of about 3 inches, one medium apple equals about 1.5 cups of fruit and has 95 calories. Vitamins and minerals found in Honeygold apples include the following:
  • Antioxidants: Apples might reduce the risk of certain cancers thanks to antioxidants, which can limit cancer cell growth.
  • Fiber: Honeygold apples are high in fiber and water, so eating one will make you feel fuller and may aid in weight loss. They also fulfill almost 20% of your recommended daily intake of fiber. The soluble fiber found in apples can also lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin helps to bolster your immunity, keeping you healthy.
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