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Hubbard Squash Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to Hubbard squash

About Hubbard squash

While most people recognize acorn or butternut squash as additions to holiday meals, one of the tastiest of all winter squashes is the large Hubbard squash. This hard winter squash often weighs around 15 pounds, with some recorded a high as 50 pounds. Hubbard squash has an extremely thick skin that's hard to slice open, and you'll often find it sold in pre-cut pieces in the store.

The flesh of Hubbard squash is sweet and almost nutty, reminiscent of sweet pumpkin. Hubbard squash is ideal for roasting in its skin, adding to hearty soups, or baking in pies. Roasting Hubbard squash brings out the sweetness from the flesh. When you look at this nutritious squash, you'll notice it has thick skin with lots of bumps on it and ranges in colors from deep green to gray-blue. This thick skin helps to preserve the shelf life of the Hubbard squash.

Hubbard squash is technically a fruit because its seeds are on the inside of the skin. Vegetables have seeds from a flowering stem, such as broccoli, carrots, and spinach. Hubbard squash is botanically classified as a gourd in the Cucurbita Maxima family. Other notable fruits in this family include pumpkin, buttercup squash, and surprisingly, cucumber, watermelon, and cantaloupe as subcategories.

Hubbard squash originated in South America and, through trade routes, made its way to North America, where it's been cultivated since the 1830s. Legend has it that a North American botanist, James J. H. Gregory, obtained the seeds of this extraordinary squash from Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard who got the seeds from a seaman from Western Europe. Mr. Gregory then cultivated the squash, and today, Hubbard squash is one of the most popular hard squashes available.

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