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The Instacart guide to turmeric products

Turmeric is a tasty, complex spice with a multitude of beneficial properties. Like its relative ginger, turmeric is a rhizome, or a stem that grows underground. Turmeric is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent and plays a big role in cuisines from those regions. The earthy, bitter, somewhat peppery taste can transform your cooking, all while delivering an array of health benefits. Let Instacart make your day a little easier when you shop for your favorite turmeric products.

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Buy your favorite turmeric online with Instacart. Order turmeric from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Turmeric

Turmeric and its main active ingredient, curcumin, boast a wide array of health benefits. As a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, turmeric and curcumin may improve brain function, reduce the risk of heart disease, help prevent cancer and Alzheimer's disease, and treat symptoms of arthritis and depression.

To enhance the body's absorption of curcumin when consuming, you can cook turmeric along with black pepper. Black pepper contains piperine, which significantly enhances curcumin absorption and helps you reap its health benefits. You can also eat turmeric with foods containing lipids, such as fish, yogurt, or oils, since curcumin is fat-soluble. Eating turmeric with fatty meals can also help balance out the flavor if you find turmeric too bitter.

Fresh turmeric isn't as potent as dried turmeric, so you'll need to use more fresh turmeric in recipes to get the same effect. You can treat fresh turmeric similarly to fresh ginger, peeling it and then slicing, grating, or mincing it.

Keep in mind when cooking with fresh or dried turmeric that it easily creates stains. You'll find a lingering yellow tinge on your cups, mugs, and cutting board, and the same goes for hands and fabric. Dress accordingly so you can enjoy this amazing spice without risking your favorite clothes. Then, have fun using it to create curries, smoothies, and much more!

You can save time when you're shopping for your favorite turmeric products by ordering via Instacart and taking advantage of delivery in as little as 2 hours! Simplify your shopping and order turmeric on Instacart today!
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