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About red bell peppers

You may be surprised to learn that red bell peppers, along with yellow, green, and orange bell peppers, are considered fruit. Botanically speaking, the species Capsicum Annuum produces the berry we know as the bell pepper. Bell peppers all start green. As they ripen, they change color to yellow, orange, and red. Some varieties turn white, brown, lavender, or purple when ripe.

Red bell peppers have a sweeter taste than their more strongly flavored but less ripe green and yellow pepper siblings. That's because the red bell pepper is allowed to ripen more, drinking up the plant's nutrients that make most fruit sweeter. 

Peppers are native to the northern portion of South America, Central America, and Mexico. In 1493, Columbus brought the pepper seed back to Europe. During this time, the black peppercorn was a popular spice imported from India. Thus, any known spice with a hot and intense flavor was given the name pepper by Europeans. Even though the pepper has no relation to the peppercorn, Europeans called it a pepper.

These early peppers weren't the bell pepper we know and love today. The mild bell pepper cultivar originated during the 1920s in Hungary. The name bell pepper gets applied to many sweet peppers with the large, bell-shaped fruit, regardless of color. 

Like most unripe fruits, the unripe bell pepper starts out green and turns color only when ripening, except for the Permagreen variety, which stays green. It isn't unusual to find mixed-colored peppers picked during the ripening process.

In the culinary world, the bell pepper shares the tomato's fate, classified as a botanical fruit yet treated like a vegetable. The bell pepper gets chopped or sliced and used to top salads, pizzas, and sandwiches. Chefs often use them as a stir-fry ingredient for their sweetness and crispy texture. Removing the top and hollowing out the seeds and membrane, the bell pepper can be stuffed with various ingredients such as rice and beef or chicken and then baked for a delicious meal. 

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