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Buy your favorite Trufresh Red Bell Peppers online with Instacart. Order Trufresh Red Bell Peppers from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about red bell peppers

Yes. Red bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C, with 97% of the recommended daily value in only 100 grams. Red bell peppers are 94% water, have almost no fat, and only a tiny amount of carbohydrates. They also contain moderate amounts of vitamin B6. The red bell pepper has twice the vitamin C and eight times the vitamin A than the green bell pepper.

No. The red bell pepper doesn't contain any capsaicin. This lipophilic oil causes the spicy-hot sensation when it comes in contact with mucous membranes. This gene was eliminated in the development of red bell peppers, allowing only the sweet, slightly bitter flavor to be present. The red bell pepper scores a zero on the Scoville Heat Unit scale, which no other pepper in the Capsicum family can claim.

Yes. Like most vegetables, they grow from the ground and get exposed to the elements. Dirt and debris are often present, and a gentle scrub with cool water will remove unwanted material. Some farmers use spray solutions to protect against disease and insects. These solutions are often bio-friendly but should be washed off before consumption, if only to preserve the flavor of the red bell pepper.

You can save time shopping for red bell peppers by using the Instacart app! Add red bell peppers to your cart and check out. After checkout, an Instacart shopper will assemble your order. Your red bell peppers could be ready for in-store pickup in as little as 2 hours or may qualify for same-day delivery!