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About scuppernong grapes

Scuppernongs are a large, oblong-shaped grape native to the southeastern United States. In addition to their large size, they are recognizable by their greenish, bronze, or green-gold color. Scuppernongs are a type of muscadine grape.

The skin of a scuppernong, which sometimes has spots or speckles on it, is easy to peel off. Inside the flesh, you'll usually find between one and five seeds. The seeds are large enough to make them easy to find so that you can spit them out. If you're cooking with scuppernong grapes, it may be easier to cook the whole grape first, then strain the mixture to remove the seeds. By doing this, you don't have to spend time picking each seed out.

Their juicy texture and sweet flavor make scuppernong grapes an excellent snack for a hot summer's day. However, they can also be used to make jams, preserves, and jellies, allowing you to enjoy the taste all year round. Some scuppernongs harvested in late summer are used to produce scuppernong wine, which is a local favorite in parts of the southern U.S.

Scuppernongs are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin B2, and Vitamin C. They're also excellent for boosting your fiber intake and accessing minerals such as copper, potassium, and manganese. These grapes are also powerful antioxidants and contain high concentrations of polyphenols, which have been shown to support the functioning of the brain, liver, joints, and other organs. Scuppernong skins contain high levels of resveratrol, which is a natural antibiotic that can lower blood cholesterol and support a healthy heart.

Scuppernong grapes are fat and cholesterol free.

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FAQs About Scuppernong Grapes

These grapes can be used much like you'd use other grape varieties in the kitchen. For example, you can chop them up to add a touch of sweetness to a salad or create scuppernong jam. Some people like to roast scuppernongs together with meat, like chicken or fish. There are also specific recipes if you like southern cooking, such as scuppernong pie. In this recipe, the grapes are boiled into a pulp with water, sugar, and spices before being baked in a pie crust in the oven. Another option is to mix scuppernongs into your favorite smoothie recipe.

Scuppernong grapes are typically harvested between July and October across the southern United States. They grow most commonly in states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Kentucky. They can grow as far south as Florida and as far north as the New Jersey border. They struggle to grow in areas where the temperature drops below 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Since some stores sell scuppernongs in the frozen fruit section, you may be able to find these grapes outside of their regular growing season.

Scuppernong wine is usually produced from harder grapes that are harvested later in the grape-growing season, typically between August and September. They can be used to make white wine. Recipes vary, but a common approach includes grapes, water, sugar, and vodka as ingredients. The grapes are left to ferment in water and sugar for about a week before vodka is added. After two or three days, the wine is then transferred to bottles to continue fermenting. Most recipes recommend storing the bottles in a dark place for two to three months before drinking the wine.
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